Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Have To Ask...

This may be a very odd topic for me, but it's a question I've wondered for some time now.

Why do guys spit? I can't begin to count how many times I've been walking down the sidewalk and I see a guy turn his head, spit, and leave a nice spot on the sidewalk. In fact, I see these spots on the sidewalk all the time. My husband does it. My brother does it. My stepson does it. I think just about every guy I know does it.

Do they have an excess of saliva in their mouth that we women are blissfully unaware of?

Guys, speak up. Leave an anonymous comment. Just tell me why you indulge in this, urm, pasttime. Because frankly, I'm getting really grossed out by it!


  1. You know, none of the guys in my family are spitters. Probably because the women would crack them upside the head if they spit in our general vicinity, but they seem disinclined either way. Interesting question...

  2. Oh my gosh!! Why DO males spit??? It's like one of those BIG questions of the universe! There is no answer to it, you know...

  3. Spit happens.

    But to adequately answer this question you first have to analyze the spit in question.

    All salive is not made equally.

    Tobacco spit is a necessaity for some chewers to keep from getting sick.

    Phlegm laced spit, better known as a loogie is a necessaity because swallowing it is just nasty.

    PLain spit could be expelled because one, the guy is just may be forgetful and can't remember to swallow regularly. Second maybe the spitter wants to emphasize a point. It is a know fact that spitting at the end of a statement makes it twice as true. Third, it's better than hiking a leg to mark your territory.

  4. Oh my heavens, Travis, I cracked up when I read this. So...DO men have more saliva than women or do they simply think that spitting makes them more manly?

  5. Kelly - I think my younger brother spits but my older one doesn't. I know my dad does, but I blame his allergies for the excessive build-up. Heh.

    Kacey - since you have a household full of males, you need to conduct a poll!

  6. We don't have more saliva we are just more willing to share.

  7. Blech - spit. The worst thought was when I saw a guy blow his nose straight onto the ground. I nearly died!

  8. Ell, I've seen that before, too! In fact, I think I saw it at one of my son's football games - he just blew his nose in front of the whole crowd. Disgusting!

  9. Yanno... maybe they do have excess saliva. Every man that I've kissed was a slobberer. Yuck. You have to train them out of that.


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