Monday, February 04, 2008

It Can Happen Anywhere

Just got off the phone with my brother. His house was broken into last night during the Super Bowl. Thankfully, no one was home when it happened, but whoever did it trashed the place. He and his three roomates were all gone, watching the Super Bowl at different places. But they came home to quite a surprise.

Flat screen t.v., brand new, gone. DVD's, gone. Playstations, gone. In fact, anything electronical was missing. My brother found a crowbar on his bed and also discovered that a pad of his checks was missing. They even took his roomate's safe! They went through every room in the house and left stuff strewn around.

Scary thing is, this was in a good neighborhood. Just goes to show that it can happen anywhere. My brother feels violated - just to know that a stranger was in your house, rifling through all your stuff, would make even the most stalwart person blanch.

Here's a valuable bit of info - take the time to write down all the serial numbers on your electronics. Keep your SSN card in a hidden location. Don't leave cash laying around. Keep your doors and windows locked when you're not home - and keep a few lights on, as well.

I realize that we all know these preventative measures, but we all get in our comfort zone and forget that there are very unscrupulous, dangerous people out there who won't hesitate a minute to invade your home and your life.


  1. That is a scary thing. And good advice too!

  2. oh that's horrible!!

    We got broken into when I was young, while we were home sleeping! Dad scared them away. I still get creeped out about it.

    Taking photos of things is good too. Hope your brother had renter's insurance!

  3. Oh, that's terrible. Leaving cash around is not a problem at my house *snort*

    We have a security system plus a video surveillance cameras all over. And I do live in a nice, quiet neighborhood but crime happens everywhere.

  4. I am so sorry for your brother! That is just awful. It's hard to feel safe anymore.

  5. Events and holidays like these are a blessing to thieves. I've even heard of folk being burgled while a funerals.


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