Friday, February 22, 2008

A Commentary About Nothing At All

I tell ya. If work is slow, my brain is slow the rest of the night. I get home and feel like cornmeal mush. All I want to do is sit on the couch, read a good book, like this one (which I recently finished and highly recommend) or take a nap. I did take a short snooze Wednesday night, but last night I actually worked out instead. Believe me, I had to drag myself to the treadmill and I did not experience the satisfaction or "exercise high" that I normally do. However, I did feel better when I marked another X on my calendar - that marks three times this week I've worked out, and I'm hoping for one more.

And is it just me or is everyone sick? I can't believe how many people have been out of the office in the past month. My stepson had the flu, my daughter had a bad cold, and has had tummy trouble. My brother and his family all got hit with something, and I know my mom had a terrible cold, as well.

Is this the price we're paying for the overuse of antibiotics? I tend to think so. Super Germs are starting to show up and are making our lives miserable. If you figure all the missed school and work hours, that adds up to a lot of time and money lost.

Another thing. I am actually ready for spring. I normally love the winter, but I've had enough. I want to wear my cute new shoes and skirt, and not have to freeze to do so. Walking outside has become plain miserable, so that's more exercise I'm missing out on at work. I know there was a ferocious ice storm in Missouri and southern Illinois - if you're in that area, stay safe!

The weekend is almost here. Stay warm, stay safe, and stay healthy!


  1. I think we use too many antibiotics and germ killers and stuff. Everyone is so precious about keeping germs to a minimum that we don't get chance to build up immunity to anything. Plus, our doctors are in trouble at the moment for prescribing drugs that have no effect on a virus. When I was young my doctor gave me a prescription for 100 penicillin tablets because my tonsils were infected so often. The result of this self-inflicted drug-treatment? I'm immune to penicillin and all related products, so they have to give me something else now. That's why I'd rather try and fight it before going to the doc. Even if it does take several weeks. We have to start again somewhere.

    Gosh, that was a big one, wasn't it? Sorry. :o)

  2. I think everyone is sick this winter! I know so many people with the flu, and it seems to come back to them a day after they start to feel better.

    yes, I'm in the middle of that ice storm. REally tired of winter. Really. Tired. Of. It.

  3. Diane - I completely agree. We're so germ-phobic that our bodies just don't have the chance to build up the immunity like it did in the past. They say that you should just use old-fashioned soap and hot water to clean your hands - no anti-bacterial stuff needed.

    And no need to apologize for a long comment - I enjoy reading your thoughts. :-)

    Kacey - Oh dear! You'll have to take pictures of the ice storm if you get a chance. We had a big one in Nebraska a few years ago and while it did a lot of damage, there was also a savage beauty to it. Stay safe!

  4. It is the overuse of antibiotics. The minute someone sneezes, he goes to the doctor, who spends 5 minutes with him and writes a (usually) unnecessary prescription.

    If you have more than two cycles of antibiotics in a year, they stop working. Period.

    AND, because both our healthcare system and our work system are so screwy, people are penalized for being sick. Instead of having a reasonable amount of sick days and using them when they're actually sick, they can't afford to stay home, they come in to work, and infect everyone else.

    When someone is sick, they should STAY HOME. Period.

    The work world will not stop because someone misses a few days. If it does, there is something seriously amiss in the company.

  5. Devon, I completely agree. I have no sick days left until September, which is when I started. So I either have to take vacation days if I get sick or go without pay. It's just crazy.

  6. It's been a bad winter here too! So far, only Sean (knocking on wood) has escaped the nasty cold bug.

    The biggest problem is people ask for antibiotics to treat a cold - a cold is a virus and antibiotics don't work on viruses, only on bacterial infections.

    Even for sinus infections, my doctor started advising me to treat them with saline and wait to see if I really needed the drugs. She'd write me the prescription, but tell me to hold off. I think I've only needed to fill one in the last 6 years or so!

  7. I keep hearing how everyone is sick but have (knock wood) so far avoided it myself.

    My younger son had a fever and headache recently and, rather than rush him to the doctor we waited it out to see if his body would fight it off--which it did.

    Good for you for fighting your lethargy and getting that third X on the calendar!

  8. Tess - Yes, I agree - people want a "quick fix" and demand a drug when it reality, that's only hampering the problem.

    Therese - I hope you continue to avoid those yucky germs!
    I think I'll have to get in a fourth X on my calendar after my lunch with hubby today - yowsers!

  9. here from trav...and to answer a question you posed a few entries ago, yes, i lurk, but mostly i come out and say hey.


  10. Hi Patti! Thanks for stopping by and saying "hi"! :-)

  11. Hi, Melissa--Yep, lots of people sick around our office too. And for weeks on end! With these disgustingly deep, hacking coughs that sound like the person will die any second...

    Yep, I'm ready for spring too! Somewhere in the past two weeks I just gave up on being a good sport regarding the winter weather.

    Stay warm, stay well!


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