Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow Day!

This is the view from our backyard. We got a good six inches or more of the white stuff this morning. The entire school district is shut down as well as the university and all the other colleges in town. But of course, our office is still open, despite having a late start. But thankfully, I can work at home today since my kids are here.
I wish I could just work on my novel all day! But alas, the paycheck must be earned.
If you could have a "snow day", what would you do all day long?


  1. Honestly? Probably scream at my kids.

  2. That blows my mind! Snow!

    Wow, to ponder an entire day to myself...

    I'd write. And read. And sleep. Probably in that order, repeated in intervals throughout the day.

  3. Oh boy--you have the same storm we do I think. It is STILL snowing here :( I just picked up Warlord from the bookstore (I mean they said it was in, who cares about the storm right?) so I'm going to try to read it before me and DS have to go get DD.


  4. We just got the rain, rather than the snow...and I've had a couple ice days this year, and usually I sleep, read, and write. And eat, lol.

  5. Yuck. We're supposed to get snow tomorrow, but I'm hoping for rain on Saturday to wash it all away.

  6. We had just about the same amount of snow last night! Insane!!

    I had to go to work - because it was my last day - but if I had a snow day right now I'd want to a) sleep, b) read c) work on my novel. ;)

  7. Wow, I saw on the news last night that Nebraska was one of the states hit. That's a lot of snow :-) Glad you didn't have to venture out in it!!

  8. Now that's what I call a real snow day!

    Sue :-)

  9. Anonymous1:13 PM

    First of all, I wouldn't go to work! I'd start baking and watch all the shows I've DVRd that my husband won't watch! ;)


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