Sunday, March 11, 2007

My New Toy

My car has been on its last leg for awhile. I've had it for two years and when we bought it, let's just say we didn't have much of a choice - we needed a vehicle, period. It was a little white '97 Ford Escort. Good car, all in all, but it was time for an upgrade - especially since it's going to cost a bundle to fix everything that's wrong with it.

Since hubby works at a car dealership, we were able to get a good deal on this '07 Jeep Liberty. I love it. I love driving it around. In fact, I wanted to go to the grocery store just as an excuse to drive! It fits me perfectly.

I've never had a brand new vehicle before - we're doing a lease with this and I really like that option right now. Hubby was determined to get me into a safer, more reliable vehicle and this is what he came up with. And even though I was a little in awe of what he picked out for me, he said, "You deserve it, hon." Awwww, what a guy!

Movie Reviews

I watched Flags of Our Fathers on Friday night. It was different than I expected. It follows the lives of three soldiers who were part of the flag raising at Iwo Jima. During the war, the government pulled them back to the States to do a war bond tour since the country was in dire need of money to finance the war. It flashes back and forth to the Battle of Iwo Jima and the war bond tour. Touted as the "Heroes of Iwo Jima" during this tour, these three soldiers knew the true heroes were the ones who lost their lives on that volcanic island. What director Clint Eastwood accomplished, quite briliantly, with this movie is to show the vast difference between the homefront and the battlefield - average Americans didn't have a clue as to what it was really like overseas. And it was difficult for soldiers to return home and try to adapt to society once more. The 1940s classic, The Best Years of Our Lives, also portrays the cifficulties of servicemen coming home from war.

On Saturday night, I watched A Good Year and it was like (I would say a fine wine, but really, I am no wine expert - actually can't stand the stuff, so I'll use a chocolate analogy instead) a piece of rich, dark chocolate - luxurious, decadent, and just plain delicious. It sort of meandered along. It wasn't an action-packed movie, but rather just a nice stroll through Provence, France, and the lives of Max and his memories of Uncle Henry. Russell Crowe is an absolute delight - of course, I've always been a huge fan of his, but he is rather endearing and loveable in this film. The scenery is gorgeous and even though the story may be a bit cliche, it doesn't matter. You'll want to watch it to the end.


  1. Nice wheels, Melissa! :D I'm trying to talk Mr. Robin into a Subaru Outback. (Yeah, I know -- good luck with getting a farmer to buy a foreign make!)

  2. Wow. Happy new car. :o)

  3. Wow - sweet new ride!

    And thanks for the movie reviews!

  4. Since I'm car shopping myself right now, to replace the 1999 Silver Escort I lost in the flood a little over a week ago, I ate up the post! I think I'm going new as well, though not leasing; I prefer to own. I'm off to test drive this week and hopefully do the paperwork and make the purchase early next week.

  5. Ooooh - very nice. And it's RED!!! Lucky you :-)

    We really do have to get around to renting FooF - thanks for the review.

  6. Good for you on the new car! Hubby is right! YOU DESERVE IT!!!

    Thank you for the movie reviews. I love The Best Years of Our Lives - but I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you know that movie, too.

  7. OOh, how fun! Does the new Jeep have that luscious new car smell?

    I love Russell Crowe. I'll have to find A Good Year.

  8. Nice car Mel!!

    And the movies sound wonderful... maybe next friday night :)

  9. Love your new wheels,what a nice hubby!!

  10. I bought my car yesterday! I pick it up Friday, if all goes well, and I'll post pictures over the weekend.


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