Friday, March 09, 2007

A Movie Weekend

Thanks for all your advice about my manuscript conundrum. I've decided that the "tacked on" section is imperative to the story and thus, I will be making revisions throughout the rest of the manuscript that will lead my readers to want to read the end. I'm anxious to get to it!

Last night hubby rented me two movies I've been very eager to see - Clint Eastwood's WWII movie, Flags of Our Fathers and Russell Crowe's new on A Good Year.

So on tap for this weekend: revisions and movies. And since we're supposed to be having great weather, I plan on taking the dog for lots of walks, too!

Have a happy Friday and a terrific weekend!

(Edited to add: Just read a great article on writers trusting your readers over at The Master's Artist by J. Mark Bertrand. Read it if you get the chance!)


  1. I want to see both of these movies - let me know how you like them.

  2. We want to see FooF - Sean really liked the book and is a big Eastwood fan. Have a great weekend :-)

    And I've sent you an email re your post from yesterday.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. Have fun!

  4. Have fun watching movies! I'm going to help my husband pack for a two week business trip. :(


  5. It's going to be a movie weekend for us, too, in amongst my edits. :-) I have A Good Year waiting for me and I can't wait to see it. It looks so good. Have fun watching the movies. Hope you like them.

  6. I want to see both of them, too. I'm a huge Russell Crowe fan :) I'm anxious to see what you think of Eastwood's war movie...

  7. Have a great weekend, Melissa! I'm thinking of taking some walks, too. It's been so long since we could really enjoy the outdoors. :)

  8. Oh they look good!!Weather is warming up here too. Slowly :)

  9. Can't wait to read your review of Flags of our Fathers! (You are going to review it for us, right?)


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