Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring's Here!

I'm not sure if spring is officially here on the calendar, but it's arrived on my front doorstep. I even had to get out the spring Snoopy flag.
Weather is gorgeous. I sat outside yesterday on my front porch swing and just basked in the mild temps, the birds' chirping, and the sun. No more snow! No more ice! It has all melted, thank goodness.
I'm home all week with the kiddos - they're on spring break, so my boss graciously allowed me to work from home this week, cutting daycare expenses and maybe threatening my sanity. But hey, it's worth it.
Must run and buy Casino Royale at some point today - and you all know what I'll be doing tonight! :-)


  1. Yay, for Casino Royale! I'll be buying it, too.

  2. Spring is here too! I can't wait to get out for my walk/run tonight!

    And The Holiday comes out on DVD today too. I must have both...

  3. We found green grass this morning. Around the septic tank. LOL.

    Love your new Jeep! Congratulations! :) Have fun watching the movie.

  4. Mmmmm...Casion Royale...

  5. Glad all your snow is gone :-) Spring certainly is a wonderful season - everything coming back to life.

    Enjoy your week working from home!!


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