Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Wait

There's one thing about the writing business that I don't particularly like - the wait. The obsessive email checking. The trips to the mailbox.

I've got several queries out to agents right now and I'm trying to be patient. But it's hard. I recognize that it's part of the business, and I believe that I've really developed more patience over the years. To my thinking, when God wants it to happen, it will. That tends to calm me down.

In the meantime, I just focus on my writing. In the end, that's what it's all about anyway, right?

It's a lesson that I learned the hard way. (Are there any lessons learned the easy way?) If I worry about that email from the agent or the SASE appearing in my mailbox, I jeopardize the whole reason I'm in this business in the first place - because I love to write.

Do you find youself playing the waiting game?

On Writing Groups

Thanks for all the great advice on the writing groups. I actually believe I'm moving away from romance writing and want to write more mainstream books, thus the decision not to renew with RWA. My friend and I were talking the other day about starting a local writing group that would just get together to talk about writing, to share what we're working on - no pressure, no meeting agenda, no presentation to worry about preparing, etc. I find that's what I really want. But still, I love my local chapter. But I think, in the end, it won't be a problem to stay in touch with all the members because we're not only writers, we're also friends.


  1. YEP, I hear you on the waiting. I still look at my email box, and I'm not expecting anything, just habit. It gives you something to look for.

    I think a local writing group not focused on romance is a good idea. Oddly enough, not all our members in my chapter are romance writers. Set something up at the bookstore and see what happens.

  2. Yep, the waiting is hard, but all the advice says to just keep on writing the next project.

    We'll miss you at Nebraska Romance Writers, Melissa. I'd love to be in your new local writing group!

  3. Boo. I'll probably never see you again. (wringing hanky) But I'll see you here, I guess. Good luck with your new direction, Melissa.

    And yes, waiting is hell. I hate it. I've had a couple of partials in NY for three months and could potentially be waiting another six to nine months. On the bright side, one of my friends just got a fairly quick R from one of the same houses, so I'm hoping I'm in the "hmm, this could be a keeper" pile. Will I be able to stand it or will I break down and sub it to EC? Only the Shadow knows...

  4. Waiting sucks, no doubt about it. And it doesn't get better after the sale either, at least in my limited experience.

    I'm interested in your decision not to renew your RWA membership. I don't write romance, and frankly, I don't read it either, except for the occasional paranormal (and even that is very recent). But apparently my books have cross-over appeal, so I'm mainly a member of RWA because I hope that appeal extends to romance readers, who apparently make up a huge portion of the reading population.

    Also, I'd never see my romance writer friends if not for the meetings. ;-)

  5. well, that's neat that you and some friends might start a local writing group. Talking writing in person. That's the cool part of writing groups anyway.

    And, yes, the waiting sucks, doesn't it???

  6. In my experience I feel that a lesson that's learned 'easily' isn't really learned at all!!

    I haven't submitted anything for years, but I'm waiting for the results of a writing competition, and it's driving me crazy. I known it's unlikely that I'll place in it but I just need to know for sure so I can forget about it.

    I'm also learning (the hard way) that there's a reason for everything that happens. Everything that's meant-to-be will happen at the 'right' time and not before. I'm learning to pass my stress/worry to God, but patience does not come easily to me!!!

    Best wishes for changing directions with your writing. It's not an easy decision to make. Are the queries you're waiting to hear about based on the romance genre or mainstream?

    The writing group sounds like a great idea.

    Sue :-)

  7. Yeah, the only way to ease the pain of waiting is to work on the next thing.

    Your writing group idea sounds great. And the friends from your RWA chapter will stay with you -- it's the acquaintances who fall away.

  8. I'll be waiting SOON. Am considering rewriting my blurb after reading Kristin Nelson's post at Romancing the Blog the other day - she mentioned things in queries that are just too generic and should be avoided.

    As for writing groups, check this url: - it's the one I belonged to in Ottawa while and after I was a member of my local RWA chapter. Sounds similar to what you and your friend are planning :-)


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