Monday, January 08, 2007

The Joy of a Good Library and Other Thoughts

I'm working on a few articles for an upcoming historical encylopedia and I had to pay a visit to my university library on Sunday. I'd forgotten how wonderful it can be. It's shelves hold so many wonderful books and other resources that I could literally wander the aisles for hours upon end. But since I'm under deadline (and hubby was with me), I had to just get the books I needed and go. Of course, I ended up getting a few more than I planned and I was quite grateful for hubby's strong arms. :-) Thankfully, I was able to get a library card so I could take my stash home. There's something about carrying an armload full of books to your car that is a happiness in itself. No wonder I became a writer! I can't remember a time when I haven't had stacks of books around me. I know my mother read to me before I could read and when I could finally do that job myself, I was involved in our library's summer reading program every year. Going to the library filled me with a sense of purpose and excitement - there were so many books to be read! And I still have that same love today. :-)

On Writing, Disarray, and Focus

Didn't do much this weekend, but I did manage to watch The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves - loved it. Watch it if you get a chance. Also took down a few more Christmas decorations. Strange. It took me forever to put them up and it's taking me forever to take them down.

Edited a bit of the novel, but I'm finding that having my office in a complete state of disarray is really affecting my creativity. Since we have a small construction project going on right where my office is, you can imagine what it looks like. In fact, I just might have to take a picture to show you just how bad it looks. And I think that's why I've been rather grouchy and gritchy lately. My writing place isn't functional right now. Can I write in other places? Of course. But my desk is my main area. I've got boxes everywhere and I'm not even sure what's in each one. More than that, though, is that I haven't worked on my novel for several days now. And that is probably the main reason I've been in a mood. If I don't write, watch out.

Compounding this is my lack of exercise. I didn't make it to Curves once last week and I'm really feeling it. I'm lethargic, want to sleep more, and just generally do not feel emotionally or physically very good. So I'm off to exercise after work today. I also allowed myself to indulge a little too much over the holidays. This last week wasn't too bad, but I definitely have been a bit too liberal with the sweets. That must stop. And it will. I just have to regain focus. It got a little blurry there over the holidays, but I'm sure that's happened to a lot of us. And it seems that if I get my health in focus, the rest falls into place.


  1. I love going to the libaray. And I never go anymore, which I should. My MIL is a librarian! I need to go visit her more often...

  2. I love the library. I could spend a whole day in there just picking through the books. I haven't been to our university library yet, but I'm thinking of making a foray across the city one day soon...

  3. I so like to work in a picked up place. But, alas, my office is usually in total disarray.

    Oh, hey, I want to see that movie too!

  4. I really do need to get to the UBC library, though even the main branch of the Vancouver one is pretty impressive :-) You're right, there's nothing better for a writer than walking into a huge library and being surrounded by books (except a publishing contract *g*).

    Hope you get that construction project done soon so you can get back to writing.

    And I hear you on the exercise, I haven't been to the gym in weeks. If it weren't for Nia and a few walks I'd be grouchier than normal too. Hope you make it to Curves this week :-)

  5. My wife and I wewre thinking about watching The Lake House. I was a big Sandra fan in the 90's. She looked a lot like my ex-wife (who I was married to at the time).

  6. I love libraries, too. And sweets, which also wreaked havoc with my holidays. ;)

    Definitely looking forward to watching the Lake House!

  7. Ditto on Meretta's comments :)
    I start pilates classes tomorrow. Stiff as a board from doing 20 mins of the DVD on Saturday. Good job I didn't do more, else I'd be laide up in bed. Wish me luck--and I hope you get to Curves soon :)

  8. Another blogger hooked on libraries and sweets. :D I'm thinking I'll have to renew my YMCA membership -- I'm definitely feeling sluggish and gross, especially since the holiday parade of rich meals and richer desserts.

    I can totally relate to being crabbed out by disarray. My office is off-limits to everyone but me for just that reason. It's my one haven from kid-yuck. Hope you get yours back in working order soon!

  9. We're lucky to have UNL's Love Library here in our town, aren't we? During my college years, I spent much time in its hallowed halls and stacks. Now I don't go there very often, but every time I do, I love it. Maybe I should go more often!


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