Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Combining My Two Loves

I'm deep in research mode for a few articles I'm writing. And that also means that I'm coming up with ideas for my future novels left and right. Some people would think I'm exceedingly odd to spend my evenings with my nose in a history book (actually, several!), but that's exactly what I did. And oh, the information I found! I have book ideas aplenty, now! I'm not sure what it is with espionage, but I've always loved a good spy book. And World War II had plenty of espionage to go around. My two articles will focus on different aspects of espionage for an upcoming encylopedia project. When I saw the announcement for it, I jumped at the chance.

This is where I can combine my two loves - history and writing. Writing history articles is great - but finding ideas for my next novel while researching the articles is even better!


I made it to Curves last night and am happy to say that I maintained my weight through the holidays. Big sigh of relief on that one! I feel much more balanced and focused now, too. Amazing what a good work-out can do. But writing it down on my blog also helped, too - as well as all your comments (which I always and forever appreciate!).


Missy the dog is healing. I won't tell you what the ol' "hot spot" looks like and feels like, but suffice to say, it is healing. And she takes her antibiotics just fine as long as they're wrapped up in a piece of bread.

Hubby's foot is on the mend -I'm just glad he's able to walk again. He was going crazy sitting in the house all day long. :-)

Plans for today and tonight include working out again, doing more research and hopefully writing the rought draft of my article, and maybe, just maybe, a bit of editing on the novel.


  1. When I saw your blog title I thought this post had something to do with Daniel Craig and Christian Bale. Sigh...

    You're very fortunate to have the opportunity to indulge your two loves. Even if they aren't Daniel and Christian.

  2. Congratulations on maintaining the weight, and happy new year.

    I love history and mystery too.

  3. Glad the pooch is on the mend! I didn't maintain my weight over the holidays although is suspect it wasn't just the holidays but my slothlike behaviour for the entire month of December. But I'm back at it now!

  4. Oh fun! When you mention WWII and espionage, it instantly reminded me of those great old Nazi/spy movies of yesteryear. I can't remember their names, but there was a wonderful one starring William Holden and Lili Palmer. It had great moments -- such as when a freedom fighter was trying to escape the Nazis on a boat. He had to cough so badly that he stuffed a rag down his throat and strangled himself rather than giving himself up to the Germans. Another moment from that movie was when Lili was in the confession booth, confessing her anti-Nazi activities. She looked through the lattice and screamed when she saw a Nazi insignia instead of a priest's collar. Did you ever see that movie, and what was its name? It was one of my favorites.

  5. Betty - I think it's called The Counterfeit Traitor. I've never seen it, but I think I'll have to check it out!


  6. Glad to hear everyone's doing well. And have fun researching - I can see where you can find all kinds of inspiration in history books!

  7. Sounds like everyone is on the upward swing :) Have fun with the research--I'm totally jealous!

  8. Very exciting on the encyclopedia article! Enjoy. :)

  9. I've added a link to here from mine. Hope that's ok.

  10. Diane - Of course it's ok. Thanks!


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