Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow and Writing

We've had lots of snow in the past few days. I don't mind it too much, especially when I can stay inside my nice, cozy warm house. The thing I don't like in particular is the below zero temps. With the wind chill as a factor, we're looking to dip quite a few degrees below zero.

The kids don't have school today. And to my thinking, that's just fine with me - we can all stay home where it's nice and warm. I have no desire to drive on those roads to work. That is why it is such a blessing to have the job that I do - I can work from home if I have to.

I spent most of the weekend working on my articles for an upcoming encylopedia. Since the word count is very strict, I had to make sure each and every word counted. No superfluous stuff! But I enjoy the challenge of going through the manuscript and cutting out words. It really shows you what you need and what you don't need.

I also pounded out a synopsis for my novel. I already have a seven-page synopsis, but I need one that's only one or two pages. That's quite a dramatic difference. Instead of moping around about it, I figured I'd just sit down and start typing. And I was amazed that I actually managed to finish the whole synopsis without stopping to take a break. It needs quite a bit of tweaking, of course, but I'll get to that hopefully this week.

So what was the highlight of your weekend?


  1. Ugh, waiting for the ice to hit, which it did last night - so even if I had to, I couldn't get out right now. Our windchill is about 20, but some areas have windchills below zero. So that was the highlight of my weekend.

    Writing for encyclopedias sounds very interesting.

    WhooHoo on the synopsis.

  2. Highlight of my weekend, spending all day yesterday reading and watching movies. I totally vegged out!

  3. The highlights of my weekend -- staying home by the fire, getting through all my old unread newspapers that had piled up, working on a mag article, taking little jaunts to Barnes & Noble and Sam's Club. Sounds boring, doesn't it? But it was relaxing.

  4. Walking over to our property yesterday - it was such a lovely day and I spent time with my dh. Nothing better than that!!

    Glad you managed that 2 page synopsis. I HATE writing those *g*.

  5. Wow--will you write my syn please? I have been thinking about it LOL. Commiserations on the temps, I know how you feel. My DD is home sick by DS is at daycare. Seriously, -40C and they still operate every thing. Quite amazing.

  6. I think it's sooo cool that you write articles for encyclopedias (Encyclopedae?) I love them.

    Congrats on all that great work on your synopsis!

  7. Good for you!

    The highlight of my weekend was going sledding because of all the snow LOL

  8. I hate synopses, glad you were working on yours.

    I went out to dinner with hubby Saturday night just the two of us. To continue the excitment, we went to Wal Mart afterwards.

  9. Synopsis. I hate that word.

    As for my weekend, I actually had a pretty productive one, writing-wise. Yay!

    I just got back from a school board meeting and it was -17 degrees outside... (shudder)

  10. The highlight of the weekend? Ooh ... erm ... having a lovely time Friday night ...? Getting my rear window on the car smashed ...? Being very jealous of everyone else having snow ...?

  11. Got it ... finding out that my lovely friend, Kate Hardy, has dedicated her next book (out in a week or so) to me. :o)


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