Monday, September 25, 2006

Writing and Home Improvement

I made a list yesterday of all the things we need to do on our house before we put it on the market. I came up with 17 things. Now to the average person, this might be a bit scary. But not to my husband. He loves lists. In fact, he thrives on them. He says they make him feel more productive, more organized, and more motivated. To which I say, hurrah! ;-)

I managed to clean and organize our bathroom closet yesterday, washing all our linens and throwing away a ton of stuff that was either empty, old, or simply not needed anymore (like diaper rash ointment!). I felt quite pleased with myself when I was finished and that's just one more thing to cross off the list.

My local RWA chapter started a BIAW on Sunday and I managed to write 1500 words yesterday. I stayed up until 11 p.m. to do it, but hey, I got it done. I'm also giving our presentation at our meeting tomorrow night - I'm doing characterization and using one of Dwight Swain's books on the subject.

All in all, a productive weekend and I also had time to relax and start another book - Charlotte Gray and of course, it's set during World War II. I happened to spot this on the shelf one time while browsing through Barnes & Noble and had to have it. Little did I know until after I bought it that they also made a movie out of it. So, of course, I ordered the movie. But I am determined to read the book first. :-)


  1. Whoa, I'm not so rosy on lists, lol. They make my feet feel heavier and heavier. Glad your husband thrives on them!

  2. I know a few list makers! I make them myself, but invariably lose them or leave them behind. ;)

    I love the era of WWII for a setting. Good luck with Charlotte Gray.

    And thanks for the congrats. Greatly appreciated. :)

  3. Have you seen the movie of Charlotte Gray? Cate Blanchette does a great job in the title role.

    Good luck with the biaw :-)

  4. I love a list, myself...used one tonight to finish up stuff for class, then my next chapter. I wonder why that works so well for some, and not others?

  5. I'm with your husband. I love lists. If I have a list I can tackle anything.

  6. Awesome movie and story :)


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