Thursday, September 14, 2006

Random Question of the Day

I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday (ostensibly on a work-related research trip, but also to pick up a book I wanted) and as I browsed the aisles, I realized that my reading tastes are starting to change. I used to read just straight romance with the occasional thriller, mystery, or mainstream novel thrown in. Now I'm delving into more mainstream fiction than before and really enjoying it.

So here's the question of the day:

How have your reading tastes changed over the years?


  1. I used to only read my favourite authors. Now I read anything and everything from the classics, historicals, thrillers, romance, contemporary, paranormal... the list is endless. I've discovered that books I used to love I now don't like as much, and books I'd never dream of reading I'm loving. :-/
    Sue :-)

  2. I used to read only thrillers, historicals and some mainstream, with a few classics thrown in. Now I read mostly literary and mainstream and tons of classics. I don't read as many thrillers as I used to and I'm much more willing to try a new author based on reviews. The books I used to love? I hardly read any of them anymore. For me, I would say my taste matured.

  3. I've also gone more mainstream. I think it's more difficult to tell a compelling story without the genre frameworks. They seem to explore the human condition more deeply and rely less on plot twists. I used to read more dark fiction. Horror, that sort of thing.

  4. Not particularly - I've always read a wide variety of books - romance, HF, mysteries (historical and contemp), non-fiction, mainstream fiction. I just LOVE to read :-)

  5. Oh my gosh, have they ever!!! I used to be a die hard fantasy reader and writer, but now I have a wide range of reading interests and I write a wide variety of genres.

  6. Mine have too. Used to be literary fiction mostly. Now, romance, mysteries, non-fiction, mainstream...
    And loving it!

  7. Mostly still romance. Romance is hard to buy in the UK so I growing up I started on SF and Fantasy, literature, and mysteries and then BAM. Found romance :)

    I love Suspense, Mysteries, SF, Fantasy but I like it better with romance and a HEA.

  8. I don't know if mine have changed over the years, but I have a tendency to branch out from time to time. Mainly I read historical, mostly romance but also some mainstream. But now and again I'll go on a mainstream fiction binge, or a contemporary binge, or a horror or legal thriller binge, now and again a do a literary binge. But I always end up coming back to my first love - historical. I never stray too far for too long.


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