Friday, September 22, 2006

Paint Yourself Silly

Last evening, my mother, my daughter and I went to our town's historic district to a cute little shop called Paint Yourself Silly. They have shelves upon shelves of ceramics that you can pick out and paint, and then they'll fire them for you. They had everything from small tea sets to lamp shades. After you picked out your future work of art, you then got to choose up to six colors to paint it with. My daughter chose a dinosaur and a miniature mouse, Mom chose a Halloween pumpkin, and I, being ever practical (and knowing that I already have too many knick knacks) chose a business card holder. Ha!

It was a relaxing evening and lots of fun. I can't wait to see our finished products (which we'll pick up in about a week). We plan to do it again.

Weekend plans include writing and more writing. Thank goodness it's Friday!


  1. Is it Friday?? Oh goody!! Long week already!!

    Love the sound of the pottery :)

  2. Sounds like a fun evening. My sis does that with her kids sometimes. Don't think we have a place like that up here, though.

  3. Oh, I have heard of those places! I wish there was one close by. I suck at doing things in ceramic, but I wouldn't mind painting. *g* Glad to hear you had a great bonding time with the female of your family. *wg*

  4. sounds like a lot of fun

  5. Please post photos when you pick them up, okay?

  6. That sounds like a great time!!

    Good luck on the writing

  7. We have a few places like that around here too and I love them. There so much fun. Good creative way to spend an afternoon.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful evening. WhooHoo for female bonding!


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