Thursday, September 21, 2006

Caught Up in Research

I haven't written much this week - actually, about a paragraph and that's it. That bothers me, but I do have a decent excuse. I'm bogged down in research that must be done before I write the rest of my novel. Unfortunately, it's the type of research that is a bit difficult to track down. However, I'm pretty certain I could find what I need to in our university library - I just need a day off to do it!

Unfortunately, the lack of writing is playing havoc with my brain. I am actually frustrated, grumpy, and just plain miserable without writing. And of course, today is one of my very favorite days to write - rainy, cloudy, and cold. But I'm stuck at work. I doubt I'll get any done tonight either, since my daughter and I are going with my mom to a painting place. I guess you can pick out what you want to paint (ceramics) and just sit there and enjoy yourself. I know my daughter is looking forward to it. And it will be a change in creativity for me. I used to love to do crafts, but one must pick and choose when one has very little time to do things!

Do you get grouchy when you can't write?


  1. Oh, definitely. Sean can always tell when it's been a while since I've written anything. Or when I'm at a point that I need to write, but get bogged down in little details.

    Have fun painting :-)

  2. Grouchy is my middle name when the words aren't flowing. My hubby can always tell when the writing's going well because I become almost human again!

    Sue :-)

  3. Yes! I'm dying right now, being out of town, running around a hotel with two toddlers, hanging with my friend and her two toddlers. By the late evening when I'm ready to write, I'm just too exhausted.

    Which means I'm frustrated as all get out and dying to write a few words. Aaah! :)

    Hope you get some writing time in soon.

  4. I'm even more hateful than usual when I can't write. I try to limit those days as much as possible -- which is why I turned down that film this past week.

  5. I suppose it depends on why I'm not writing. If the writing is not going well, I find myself procrastination with cleaning the house, cooking and baking, watching a film, and then I start beating myself up because I know I should be working through the block, which leads me to be grumpy with the world.

    If it's just life taking over: extra hours at the day job, friend needs help, etc., then it's no issue, as I know life will slow down eventually.



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