Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Those Darn Shots...

My daughter went for her kindergarten physical this morning. I didn't know they planned on giving her her immunization shots today, but they did. We were just fine until the dreaded needle made its appearance. I about started crying, as well. Poor thing. She cried and said, "That hurts!" and she was right. Shots do hurt, no matter your age.

Since the doctor is only a few blocks from where I work, I decided to take her with me to work for a few hours until she settled down. She merrily drew pictures for everyone in my department and I actually managed to get a few things done. But then it was back to daycare and when I came back to my office, I felt bereft. Her pictures were still here, hanging on the wall, scattered across my desk, and I suddenly wanted to go pick her up and take her home.

The first day of kindergarten is not going to be fun...

On the writing front...

I made it through my block last night and wrote a few pages. Woo hoo! The clean office definitely jumpstarted my creativity - as well as the clean house! My kids cleaned it for us, so naturally I gave them $10 to persuade them to "keep it up." :-)


  1. Aw, it's hard when they go to school because it means they're growing up. But that's Mommy Time! More freedom for you, and it's the way it's supposed to be. It just hurts a little at first.

  2. hm, by the time my last one started kindergarten I was sitting on my front step drinking champagne *g (just kidding...kind of...)

  3. All I can say is, wait til she's 12. You will be crying for a whole other reason.

    I never felt like with my kids, but as you know, my kids are phenomenon all their own.

  4. Ohh, don't remind me! I have two more years until kindergarten. I will be a WRECK!

  5. My eldest starts kindergarten in September. Had we still been in Scotland, she'd already have done her first year at school :( because we moved to Canada, I have to wait an extra 2 years until they can both be away and I can have 'mommy' time.
    So I'm caught--desperate to write, sad they're growing up, annoyed they aren't growing fast enough!!! You know...guilt AND frustration!! Have a fabulous retreat!!!

  6. I can still remember crying all the way home on the first day of kindegarten ...


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