Thursday, June 02, 2005

Spring Walks

I love to take long, meandering walks. And I say meandering because my dog usually pulls me in an assortment of different directions. For me, the best time to walk is in the early evening, around 7:30 or 8 p.m. (If it's not too hot.) Roses are in full bloom here in a myriad of colors - dark red, pale peach, creamy white, and soft pinks. Gorgeous. I usually get a bird's eye-view of them, too, when my dog decides to stop and mark his territory, jerking me towards the bushes. Some would say he walks me, not the other way around.

At this time of the day, you'll find people mowing their lawns, relaxing on their front porch swing, or cocooned inside their houses with the t.v. blaring. It's the time right after dinner (or supper, as we call it) and right before bed, a time to relax and muse over the day, spend time with family and friends, or read a book. I love it.

I've also started implementing a "walk break" for myself at work. Right now I take a walk around the neighborhood in the afternoon. Not only am I getting exercise, but I'm getting away from the computer for awhile. I hope I can keep it up. But I know that when the weather starts heating up, I'll confine myself to the air-conditioned office and do my walking on the treadmill at home!

I've also used walking to mull over a lot of my story ideas. I've had some great break-throughs while walking and I know a lot of other authors use this method, as well.

I just realized that my thoughts are not very profound today. *shrug* Oh well. I'm not feeling in a very profound mood. I have my moments - few and far between - but today is not one of them. :-)

I must say, though, that I found a wonderful pick-me-up from some of the photos at author Gena Showalter's blog. All I can say is YUM!


  1. Oh YUM indeed. is getting warm in here. I'd like to take a long, meandering walk with the guy in the long swim trunks.

  2. I do my best brainstorming in the shower. I've been know to take one in the middle of the day if I'm stuck on my writing... *g

  3. It helps me when I'm stuck to get up, away from the computer, check the mail, do the dishes, anything (er, except email, LOL) and I can usually unstick myself.

  4. Oooh, I love the smell of fresh roses. Heck, flowers in general are a nice pickmeup.

  5. I walk a lot (or did until I, um, broke my foot) and I do a lot of my plotting that way, out in the wilderness. Running from bears ...

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