Sunday, April 24, 2005


My subconscious mind must really be hard at work. As I tried to fall asleep last night, I kept thinking of Robert's story. And I couldn't stop. When I woke up this morning, bam - right back at it.

I consider this a good thing. The creative well finally seems to have refilled and the story ideas coursing through my brain are exciting and fresh - exactly what editors want, no? LOL

Went to see "Sahara" last night. Good flick. Of course, it doesn't help that Matthew McConaughey is truly divine both in the role of Dirk Pitt (very hard shoes to fill) and in physical form. Clive Cussler was understandably nervous (so I've heard) of wanting Hollywood to try and film another one of his novels. The last, "Raise the Titanic" was a dismal failure. But this one is quite good. Hubby was pleased. He is quite the Clive Cussler fan and was very interested to see who would be playing the characters in the book. I think he thought it was well done, overall.

I'm going to dig through all my thesis materials today in preparation for my forthcoming project - writing a book on the POW camp at Fort Robinson, Nebraska. I'm also going to look for some photos for my upcoming published thesis. Exciting stuff. I do want to also spend some time researching a few things of the Napoleonic Wars. I've got an idea muddling through my brain and I want to check some stuff out. I'm very lucky in that I have quite a nice collection of research books in lots of different time periods. Makes it nice when you can just go browse your own library instead of heading downtown to the city library (although I do love to browse the shelves at the local library).

And yes! Organization! Perhaps I can get that done today. I cleaned the house and did laundry (even dusted!) yesterday in preparation for the babysitter last night and because, well, it just needed to be done. But housework does tend to cut into one's writing time. I'll admit, I'll never have a spotless house - at least not while the kids are at home. Maybe when they're off to college. To my mind, it's much better to let them have their fun and not constantly worry about toys out in the living room or stepping on stuffed animals. There will be a time when they're grown up and in college where I will miss those days.


  1. But does Penelope take her top off? That is my hubby's standards for a film. He really likes Penelope. I'm not sure why.

    You need to quit thinking about your plot and get writing. It will gel alot more if you start going at it.

  2. Yeah, you're right - I need to get to writing. I'm just so darn worried that if I don't get this thing entirely plotted out (well, leaving a bit of room for surprises) I will get tripped up again in my plot like I did the last time.

    Nope, Penelope doesn't take her top off. But Matthew does. Woo-hoo!


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