Thursday, April 21, 2005

Organizing Again

In the past eight months, I've gone through so many different transitions that my writing has suffered from a lack of organization. The only way to understand it is to take you through it. Ready?

All righty.

October, 2004.

Deep in thesis hell. No job. Trying to research, write, and take care of the kids at the same time.

November, 2004

Preliminary copy of thesis finished. Take oral exams. Nerves shot. Pass oral exams. Prepare final copy of thesis and run all over campus delivering paperwork to proper people.

December, 2004

Graduate with MA in History a week before Christmas. Have big family celebration. Hurray!

January, 2005

Look for job. REALLY look for a job. Everywhere. Anywhere. Starting to suffocate in house. Realize student loan payments will be due soon. Blow-up with local writing chapter. Suddenly propelled into vice-president/director of membership/publicity coordinator position. Still no job. Growing frustrated!

February, 2005

Hired! Full-time job. Full-time WRITING job. Adult conversation!
Agent requests full manuscript of historical novel, POSSESSION. Panic. Need to make editing changes.

March, 2005

Finish edits, send off manuscript. Work on articles for World War II encylopedia. Finish by deadline, despite computer glitch.

April, 2005
And here we are!

It's now time to organize. How I will do this remains to be seen. But I've got to have a plan in order to get good, quality writing time in each and every day - or very close to.

Off I go.

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