Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Foggy Day in London Town

I don't live in London, but I might as well be with the weather. We've had four straight days of rain, clouds, and fog. Great writing time if I didn't have to work. I've always been rather fond of cloudy, rainy days, even growing up on the farm. There was something about looking out over a field of rain-drenched crops and sinking your feet into the moist dirt. I always loved looking at the horizon, something I miss living in the city. Peace is often harder to find in the midst of concrete and cars, loud music and louder people.

While I was in England nearly ten years ago (which reminds me: need to start saving for a plane ticket again), I felt at home. Rainy days, cool breezes, lush, green fields dotted with sheep - all cliches, perhaps, but all images of comfort for me. Peaceful bliss. I most often set my stories in England and when I watch the BBCAmerica comedies on my local PBS station, I experience a fierce longing to return. If I believe in past lives, I might wonder if I wasn't born in England, the lady of some vast estate. Of course, after watching Regency House on PBS, I'm quite sure I would miss the modern amenities we all enjoy - especially the bathroom and shower.

Still, I wouldn't mind pretending for a while.


  1. Hi Melissa, how are you? I am fine.

    As much as I would enjoy visiting the land over the pond, I love my desert climate. Love the dry heat, love the fast pace of the California lifestyle. I like the fact I can go to the beach and an hour later be in the snow in the mountains. I do, however, like those Regency gowns. Don't have to worry about keeping your tummy tucked in.


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