Thursday, April 28, 2005

Kindergarten Blues

My co-worker has a song called "Kindergarten Blues" that he co-wrote with his brother. I'm thinking about it today since I have to take my daughter for her pre-screening for kindergarten. But I think the one having the blues is me. :-)

I pulled out her baby book last night to get her birth certificate and found her first birthday photos. Since her birthday is in May, I'm having to contend with the fact that my baby is going to be five years old. I started crying and my husband looked at me in concern and then smiled. He understands. He has two boys from a previous marriage and has already been through the kindergarten route with them. But I have a feeling it will be much harder with my daughter.

When I walk into her daycare to pick her up after work, I am just amazed at how big she's grown. There is a little boy she plays with - probably a year younger - and they always give each other a hug when she leaves. She is already a nurturing little girl and has aspirations to be a teacher someday.

But it is what she says that blow me away sometimes. The other day, we were driving home and she looked up at the cloudy skies.

"Mom," she said, "the sky is cloudy. The sun can't breathe!"

How precious is that? :-)

She's come up with some great stuff and I always make sure I write it down. I hope she'll enjoy reading about her childhood when she's a teenager or a new mother.

I tried to enjoy her babyhood and toddler hood as much as I could because I knew the saying - "Enjoy it while you can because they grow up fast." It is so true. I remember holding her in my arms and singing silly songs as we rocked, her big baby blue eyes watching me in rapture. I am so fortunate that I was able to stay home with her up until this year. With the exception of while I was in class for graduate school, she hasn't been in daycare until now. I'm so thankful for the bond we created during those years and I will forever remember how wonderful it was to watch her crawl, talk, and walk.

The steps she takes now will be just as precious to me. Her first report card in school, her first slumber party, her first talking on the phone all night with her friends...I'm looking forward to it all.

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