Friday, April 15, 2005


I wonder at how my brain works sometimes. Just before bed last night, inspiration hit me for my current plot problem. Of course, the pen that I grabbed ran out of ink and I was frantically trying to find another one before the thought escaped me completely. Hubby thought he needed to know what was going on, so as I'm scribbling, he's jabbering. The writer in me wanted to scream for him to be quiet. The wife in me just smiled and nodded because I know he understands my weird writing moments. He better since I promised to buy him a Harley once I sell my first manuscript. Here's hoping I get a good deal! LOL

My dog ran off again last night. You can see him on my webpage here (he's the black dog):
I think God has a special place in his heart for my Charlie Brown because he's run off before. It's not that I intend for it to happen. Instead, one of the kids will let him out and not tell me and then promptly forget he's outside. He heads off to visit someone - I'm thinking it's a little old lady who he goes and checks on. I have suspicions that it is such a scenario because one time during a particularly freezing winter night, I let him out to go to the bathroom and within a minute, he'd taken off. I was frantic with worry for two hours when he came traipsing back home and he wasn't cold at all. Another time he came home with a large loaf of French bread. I like to think he takes time out of his schedule to go make someone smile. My husband found him sitting on the front porch this morning and he immediately came into the house and laid on the floor by my bed (tail between his legs, of course. He knows when he's in trouble!). I'm just thankful he was okay. But I think it would make a great short story some day.


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