Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Musings

Random thoughts for today...

1) I had to laugh when I checked out my Google stats today. The most popular searched words for this blog are "Bugs Bunny," which refers to this post.
The World Wide Web never ceases to amaze me...

2) We went bowling yesterday. I love to bowl. Hubby won a game and I won one. I'd say that satisfies both of our competitive spirits.

3) Tonight is undoubtedly the last true trick or treating Halloween for my daughter, who is now 11. I hope I don't cry. She is going as a Twilight vampire which, if you're going to be a vampire, a sparkly one is better than a bloody one, right?

4) I've decided to work on two books at once. We shall see how this progresses. The first is the next book in my trilogy. The other is one that needs to be reworked. I'm excited for both!

5)  Autumn has embraced my city. The trees are so unbelievably gorgeous, it literally brings tears to my eyes. God's beauty is amazing.

What's your random thought for the day?


  1. My daughter is going as a vampire as well,. A nicely dressed one that's attending a masquarade ball (she just wanted the black feathered mask so bad).

  2. Sparkly vamps are much better! :)))

    I'm thinking very positive querying thoughts for you, also for those two books at once. I'm usually faffing with more than a single project, keeps me from getting bored. Or tearful, ha ha! Have a great H'ween, wishing we had some colourful leaves around here. I'll enjoy yours vicariously!

  3. Happy writing! And editing, and polishing! :)


  4. Patti - Oooh, a black feathered mask! I like the idea of a vampire at a masquerade ball. Very creative!

    Anna - Yeah, I admit, I like the sparkly vampires much better. They're so much nicer. ;-)

    Linda - Thank you!

  5. Those are good random bits! Best with both your books, and enjoy tonight, too. :)

    I've got a new project going, which I'm endlessly excited about.

    I'd rather just stay in tonight, but no way my kids will let that happen. ;)

  6. I enjoy your random thoughts:) It is sad that your daughter is getting older but also exciting because it will be something new she does next year.
    My random thought is I love fall here in Texas--still warm but looks like a season!

  7. Amy quit trick or treating around your daughter's age, but she has still wanted a costume every year so she can be dressed up and answer the door. It is sad when they outgrow these stages in their life, but I am constantly amused by what they come up with to do instead. Yesterday Amy went to a Halloween "party." This involved a bunch of girls dressed up in costumes and then watching movies and eating candy. Too cute!

    Fall here has been breathtaking, too. I've had fun walking and kicking up the leaves:)

  8. Janna - I'm excited to hear about your project! :-)

    Terri - I can't imagine living in a place where you can't see the seasons change. That's one of the things I love about Nebraska. :-)

    Valerie - Aww, how cute - get dressed up and watch scary movies! I imagine next year she will do something with her friends, so I'm going to enjoy taking her trick or treating tonight. :-)

  9. Oh, your daughter has plenty of time to go trick or treating. Being only 5'5", I was able to convincingly trick or treat through college. People just assumed I was a teenager.

  10. You might be able to get another year out of her :)

    Otherwise I highly recommend Trick or Treat for Canned Goods. We did it in college. A week before you go through the neighborhoods and leave a note saying you'll be around to collect canned goods on halloween. You dress up, collect food for the hungry and get a little candy :)

    I work on two manuscripts at once too. You'll have to let us know how it goes!

  11. More Than - Well, I think she herself is done with the trick or treating! :-) Last night, she kept saying, "When can we be done?" LOL. I had to urge her to keep going.

    Kelley - That is an awesome idea to collect food over Halloween. Love it!

  12. I went out on Halloween and went for a drink - the pub was packed wiht students all in fancy dress. And having a good time!

  13. Flower - I do remember going out in college on Halloween - fun times!


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