Monday, October 03, 2011

At Last

I often like to leave my weekends free to write. This may make me a fuddy duddy, but I've discovered that in this stage of my life, I'm a homebody. I don't want to go anywhere. And after my recent traveling experience, I'm quite content with that decision.

So this weekend, I had a goal in mind: to finish editing the novel. Sunday night at approximately 11:30 p.m., I met my goal.

The entire weekend, all I did was write and edit. Ok, I took a few breaks: watched a football game on Friday for a few hours and got groceries on Sunday. But really, that was it. Otherwise, my tush was planted on the couch, laptop in hand.

Of course, it wasn't without its ups and downs. On Saturday, I was in love with my story. On Sunday, I wanted to trash the whole thing. Now I'm feeling in-between about the whole thing.

But the novel, my fourth one, is done.

My body is feeling the effects today, though, and it only reminds me of the importance of exercise. I'm still going to Curves three times a week and that helps tremendously. In fact, I'm betting my body will thank me when I hit the gym today and work out the kinks from all that sitting.

The good news? The plot for the fifth novel is already spinning in my head.

How's your writing coming?


  1. I'm just in the very beginning stages of revising a ms I'd set aside awhile back, all while I query a couple other projects. It definitely keeps my mind occupied while I wait for responses.

    And congrats on finishing your manuscript! It's a great feeling, isn't it ...

  2. Congrats Melissa!

    Well... I've finished two manuscripts. One has been out on query with little luck (oh well). The other needs a few more tweaks.

    But...but... I'm totally excited about my third manuscript which should be finished this week (fingers crossed).

    Then, like you, I have the ideas for the fourth and fifth manuscripts in my head just waiting to get on the screen.

  3. Congrats!! That is awesome! And I'm with you. I love staying home on weekends, and they are my primary writing time.

  4. Gah!! I am so jealous. I'm only on novel #1, and as much as I love it, I cannot freaking wait to be done.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  5. Congratulations!! Sometimes we just need that extended butt in chair time, do the big push and be done with it! Hitting the gym is a great way to unwind...

    Can't wait to hear more about that fifth novel!!

  6. Congratulations, being done is always such a great feeling.

  7. Melissa-congrats on being done, and I'm excited for you and your new novel idea!

    I have plans rumbling in my head for a very creepy Halloween story. I just don't want to scare myself too much while I work on it ;)

  8. Congrats, and I hope you didn't waste anytime watching that debacle Saturday night.

  9. Congrats!! What a huge accomplishment!! And what a great feeling it must be to have it done, and another spinning in your head!

    I found the more I sit and write, the more I need to work out, too! All that sitting feels good when you're doing it, but the stiffness sure knows how to set in!

  10. Wonderful... discipline pays off in the end! Must feel incredible to have finished it. I wish I could say I've done the same, but... no. Sadly, no writing apart from blogging at the moment. :(

  11. Major congrats. I cannot imagine writing a historical. My word count is usually around 60,000.
    What comes next is proving to be a challenge because I want to write a novella. I'm about to discover how to write really tight.

  12. Thanks for all the congrats, everyone! Much appreciated. :-)

    Joanne - I am in the hurry up and wait mode as I send out query letters. Patience is so hard at this stage...

    Kelley - Being excited about the next project is such a great feeling! Enjoy!

    DK - Weekends are my relaxing time. If I'm busy, it makes the work week just drag...

    Sarah - Best of luck in getting it done soon. You can do it!

    Anna - I was taking notes on the fifth and even sixth novel last night. Had ideas while I exercised and drivine home. Love that!

    Patti - Yes it is! :-)

    Valerie - Oooh, a Halloween story! Can't wait to read it!

    Travis - Unfortunately, that was the first Husker game of the season that I watched. Bad move on my part! First quarter was fine, but after that...IMPLOSION.

    Heidi - I'd have to force myself to get up and stretch. I went for such long stretches of time that I guess I was in "flow" and didn't realize how long I was sitting!

    Erin - Blogging still counts as writing in my book. ;-)

    LoRee - Ooh, a novella! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  13. Congrats, Melissa! I love those intense days spent completely immersed in of my favorite things.

    I'm still a ways away from that. Currently I'm revising my 3rd novel; hard slog, completely rewriting some sections from scratch. Hope to be done in the next 1-2 months. I've been taking an extended break from blogging...everything is going into these revisions. But I think it's coming along.

    Congrats again, and fingers crossed for you on the query front! :)

  14. Thanks, Christine! Best of luck on slaying the third novel! I had to rewrite some sections from scratch, too. That was a bit frustrating, but it needed to be done. :-)


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