Monday, October 17, 2011

Death To the Pumpkin!

I imagine this must be the squirrels' battle cry in my neighborhood: Death to the pumpkin!

I managed to salvage two pumpkins from our garden that hadn't been eaten by the squirrels and the rabbits. I proudly displayed them on my front step.

Then yesterday afternoon, I found this:

Poor little pumpkin! *sob*

I should have known something was up when I saw one of the squirrels get nose to nose - literally - with my cat through the front door window.

They're very brave little buggers, but if I wasn't worried about my cat running away, I might be tempted to open the door and let her loose on those bushy-tailed fiends...


  1. I know what you mean about squirrels - we've been chasing them off our bird feeder for years. This year our pumpkins simply rotted where they sat because of all the rain - and what was left, the deer ate. I sat at breakfast one morning watching a fawn toss around the last piece of rind left from our one big pumpkin. (And I was looking forward to roasted pumpkin seeds!)

  2. We don't seem to have that problem here. Who said squirrels were cute creatures?

  3. I have a good squirrel catcher back at my FLorida home I'll lend you:)

  4. We have a few red squirrels, but I've never seen one in my garden. Having read about your poor pumpkins, I'm pleased.

  5. Wow, I've never seen squirrels go at the pumpkins! But then again, we have so many acorns from the oak trees, they're too busy here with the tree nuts!

  6. Ah, Joanne, above, solved my mystery. We have lots of squirrels but they've never bothered our pumpkins or squashes. It must be that those thousands of acorns on the ground keep them occupied and uninterested in our garden! If so, hooray for acorns!


  7. Elisabeth - I wouldn't mind if deer were eating my pumpkins...though it might look strange in the middle of town. lol

    Patti - I actually love watching them, but they have been a terrible menace in our garden this year.

    Terri - If I catch them, I don't know what I'd do with them! ;-)

    Debs - LOL. I'm glad they're leaving your garden alone! We have black squirrels in this area, but they haven't moved into our neighborhood yet.

    Joanne - I wish I could say the nuts were keeping them busy here - we have LOTS of trees with acorns and walnuts - the squirrels actually like to dive-bomb us with nuts sometimes. Maybe they're out of nuts???

    Linda - Maybe our acorns went bad because they're sure ignoring 'em in favor of my poor pumpkins. :-)

  8. No squirrels at all around here well not in our gardens anyway. Molls loves chasing them though.

  9. It was the deer that got ours when we lived in the country.

  10. Flower - Some days, I really wish there weren't any squirrels around here! :-)

    Travis - I think I'd almost rather have a deer eat a pumpkin instead of a squirrel.


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