Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Following Your Passion

So I have this friend. He's talented. Very talented. His ability to draw, to sketch, to paint, just blows me away.

Yet like most of us, he has a busy home life. Kids. Responsibilties. The day job.

But he's still pursuing his passion. To that end, he recently began a new blog focused not only on his art, but on the creative process itself.

If you get a chance, stop by RandyMadeIt. Check out his incredible pictures of Louis Armstrong that he painted on wood - yes, wood! Take a look at the sock monkey pictures on the Illustrations page. And read about this wonderfully creative, talented guy in one of the best "About Me" pages I've ever run across.

I always get a little giddy when I see fellow artists following their passions, and have to spread the word.

Are you following your passions?


  1. I love to see it when people do what they love.

    He is SO talented!

  2. Yes, I'm so following my writing passion and am immersed in a new project that I'm really enjoying. And I always enjoy listening to others living their passion, we have much to learn from them. I'm featuring a musician today on my blog, because it's so important to hear others' insights ...

  3. Good luck to him, he's very talented and deserves to do well.

  4. Melissa, If I had any chocolate in the house, I would be following it closely;)

    Seriously, Randy's Louis Armstrong painting blew me away. He is an incredibly gifted painter!

  5. He really has an amazing talent I hope he does really well. At the moment I am very fortunate in being able to follow my passions, yes. Most of them!

  6. I love hearing other artists' or writers' take on their creative processes. And now you have me curious about his About page. Will go check him out!

  7. Thanks for the comments, everyone!


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