Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm A Believer

A few months ago, I decided to take drastic measures where my health was concerned. Female issues have troubled me for the past 11 years, and I was seriously considering a hysterectomy.

As a last resort, I started acupuncture. And it's working!

If you want quick results, this is not for you. I've had at least five or six sessions to finally get my cycles "back on track." But I've cut the dosage of one of my medication in half and will soon be off it completely, and this was all accomplished by NOT giving me more drugs to put into my body.

It's early days yet, but I'm hopeful. 

In other news, my daughter is quite the writer. She has written over 53,000 words (yes, you read that right) on her novel. She is disciplined and tries to write every day, and I daresay that she's having the time of her life. She's not worried about writing for publishers or agents or critique partners - but just for herself and the story. We would do well to follow her example!


  1. Congrats to your daughter!

    That's how my manuscript emerged.. just because I was writing it for fun.

    She's got a great head on her shoulders.

    And, I'm glad acupuncture is working for you!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kelley! It's so much fun to see her get excited to sit and write. Wish I could do that more often. :-)

  3. Wow, congratulations to your daughter, that is an amazing word count. So impressive.

    What a relief for you with the acupuncture. Glad it's working so well.

  4. Nothing like improvement in health to make one smile! Congrats and may the upswing continue!

    Kudos to your daughter too. Another budding writer in your house, wonderful! And a valuable lesson for all of us, the sheer joy our true fuel... :)))

  5. That's wonderful that acupuncture is helping you! I hope you don't ever need that surgery. My daughter was having trouble conceiving and saw an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility. She did everything he told her and is expecting her first baby in six weeks! So, yay, for acupuncture.

    That's so cool that your daughter is having a blast writing and is so prolific!

  6. So glad you've found something that's working for you :) And you're daughter is awesome! Tell her way to go :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  7. I'm so happy the acupuncture is working for you...Have you thought of yoga as well (obviously not while you have the needles in!)...I've found it's helped me a LOT over the last few months...

  8. Debs - I'm very relieved it's working - didn't want to have surgery, that's for sure!

    Anna - We only have one problem with another budding writer in the house - we both write on the laptop! That means we have to I'm thinking she might be getting a Netbook for Christmas!

    Lyn - Oh, HUGE CONGRATS to you and your daughter! I know my acupuncturist is helping out women with fertility issues and havine lots of success. It's just amazing.

    Tess - I tried yoga once and couldn't do it because of a bad knee, but that was several years ago. I have heard it has some great benefits, too.

  9. I was skeptical of acupuncture until I saw how well many of my canine and feline patients responded to it. Animals don't have a "placebo effect," so if they get better, it really must be working! Now I'm a definite believer. So glad it's working for you. And kudos to your daughter! We certainly do need to follow her example.

  10. I'm glad your health is doing better! Feeling good is so important. Good for your daughter! That's lots of words. :D

  11. Christine - I was skeptical, too, until I tried it several years ago and it worked. It's also worked for several others, so there's definitely something about it. :-)

    Catherine - Oh, you're absolutely right - when you don't feel good, it just affects so many areas of your life.

  12. Quite a few of my friends swear by acupuncture! I know it works. Hopefully you will be better soon.

    And, congrats to your awesome daughter - 53,000 words * high five* Well done!

    Happy editing this weekend too, my friend! x

  13. Talei - I had to laugh when my daughter called me at work and said, "Mom, how do you spell "excellent"?" She's writing and watching Hogan's Heroes at the same time. That's my girl!

  14. Melissa-I am SO glad to hear that the acupuncture is working! Yay!!!!!

    And 53,ooo words! I am impressed (and inspired too!)


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