Thursday, July 07, 2011

On the Verge

There are times when I'm writing and I sink into this deep place where, if I push just a little harder, my creativity will explode onto the page, filling those ordinary words with something extraordinary.

I feel on the verge of something truly remarkable.

Yet those times are fleeting and few in between. But it makes me realize something rather powerful: I do have the capacity, intelligence, and yes, talent, to go deeper into the written word, to transcend the average and go above and beyond average. In other words, I am getting closer to reaching my potential.

This is an exhilarating feeling. It's an area of growth, a new level to climb and conquer, if I can only breach that wall. Sometimes I peek over the top and can see the lush fields on the other side full of brilliant prose. But more often than not, I've got my back against the heavy brick wall and no matter how much I push, it's not going to move.

I'd like to one day stand on this wall, victorious, as I let the power of my creativity breakthrough and flow nonstop into my writing. How to do that, though, is another matter.

I do believe I shall ask God to untie that mental knot of mine and unleash an eternal well-spring of creative goodness. But I also recognize that I must put the work and dedication into the writing, as well, to further develop the gifts God has given me.

How have you seen your writing grow?


  1. I think those remarkable writing sessions are what keep us going sometimes, enticing us to get to that really creative place again. My writing's grown over the years, veering off from fiction into memoir territory, and a little nonfiction too. So I guess ultimately the years of putting those words together has given me the confidence to try new things with it.

  2. Mine has definitely evolved from being a reporter for a daily paper to more of a columnist - my blog is helping me to keep my writing skills polished. Some day, I may see my name in a syndicated column if it is God's plan. I also have music compositon endeavors to work on - God is Good:-)

  3. Definitely! Am finding through revisions that my early stuff is just...well lets just say - I've a lot to learn! More reading and revisions should help though, but I am pleased with the later chapters of my WIP. ;-)

  4. I know what you mean. When I was sitting in class a few weeks ago I felt the same thing... like the possibility is right there of me being able to write something extraordinary. But it's just out of my reach.

    I think part of that is making it harder for me to write, though, too. I'll sit down and stare at the page fearful of writing, because I know it won't be as good as I think it could be.

    I hope you reach that top soon! Good for you for continuing to reach!

  5. Joanne - Oh, I so agree. I LOVE it when I have those types of writing sessions. They make those hair-pulling sessions worth it!

    Carole (Mom!) - I really hope you can get a syndicated column going. Keep working at it!

    Talei - When I look through my older stuff, I cringe, too. It's amazing how we can grow as writers in such a short time, too.

    Heidi - I've had the same problem! I'll sit there and know that what I'm writing could be so much better, then I really clam up and can't write anything at all. Ah, this writing life is fun, isn't it? ;-)

  6. I feel it grow every time I edit... :))) As if God only lets me see a certain amount of drivel, then lifts the veil a bit more.

    I know what you're talking about, this sense of climbing another rung on the ladder, or maybe two, three at a time, such a thrill! A prayer has been said on your behalf; His power is truly limitless!

  7. Powerful stuff Melissa! And pretty darn exciting too! May god bless your journey-you inspire me!!

  8. Someone once said that all good writing arises from the subconscious. I've come to believe that. Those moments of possibility are, I think, our conscious mind tapping into the subconscious. They don't come often, but quieting the self-editor and being open to the creativity helps.

  9. Thank you for the prayers, Anna! Very much appreciated. :-)

    Valerie - Aww, thanks!

    Christine - Yes! I do think our subconscious minds are incredibly powerful.


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