Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summertime Blues

It happens every year.

We get a monstrous heat wave that makes it incredibly hard to be outside. Right now, we're under an excessive heat warning and we have been for the past five days. The heat index can reach 115 degrees on these days. Add in eastern Nebraska's humidity and you have a recipe for disaster.

I don't enjoy the heat at all. I've blogged about this several times over the years, so this will come as no surprise to you. But what does bother me is how my mood shifts. I don't like to leave the house or office unless I absolutely must, and my night-time walks are suspended for the time being. Yesterday I felt just plain ol' depressed.

Hubby and I joke that we will not be able to find a place to retire because he likes heat and I like cold. He thrives in this type of heat while I shrink and retreat into my air-conditioned shell.

I keep thinking of those lovely, cool autumn days, where the leaves rustle under my feet and the breeze carries a hint of pumpkin pie and spice. Soon...

In the meantime, I've been editing. I reworked the beginning of my novel and I really, really like it. That's a good thing.

How's the weather where you are?


  1. We live mighty close to you, and we are under the same excessive heat warnings. I'm like you -- I hunker down inside air conditioned places. May God forever bless the person who invented air conditioning!

    We just returned from western Washington State where the temps hovered around 70 and we basked in cool salt-sea air. Such weather is healthy for all of us. I pray for those who must work outside during these hot, dangerous days.


  2. Hi Linda - Oh boy. Weather in the 70s sounds glorious right about now. :-)

  3. It sounds like your summers are like my winters (too cold to go outside). I'm totally with you on Fall. I just wish it lasted longer.

  4. Patti - It gets pretty cold during winter, too, but for some reason, being in the house when it's that cold doesn't bother me as much as it does when it's super hot. Maybe it's because I don't feel guilty for staying indoors with the cold!

  5. We've had our share of 115 degrees, too, and while I don't mind warm, the so-hot-you-can't-breathe gets me. I can't do anything in the heat!

    We get good shade with our trees, though, so the house is nice. I stay indoors and pretend.

  6. Heidi - Thankfully, our house stays nice and cool, too (thank the Lord for air conditioning!). I feel for my brother, though, who works outside in this stuff all day working on pools. Of course, I do think they get to jump in them on occasion and cool off!

  7. Meanwhile, we just set a new record for rainfall. Almost 0.7" yesterday. Ugh!! It's mid-July, where is the sun? Where is my summer?

    Not coping well here, as you can see.

  8. That heat sounds so intense, I'm not surprised it's so exhausting and depressing. I can't believe it's so cool and dismal over here right now especially as it's July and supposed to be our summer :(

    Glad the book is going so well.

  9. Christine - I would trade places with you in a HEARTBEAT!

    Debs - How about we house swap?

  10. I'm with Christine. My warm (read: 90s) summer has turned into a Seattle summer. Dark and rainy. :/ I'm very much missing the sun!

  11. You would love it here. Feels like autumn today! I totally agree with you and prefer colder weather. Was just reading an article about people who get "summer SAD" - people who prefer darker, colder days and feel low during the brighter days of summer - interesting!

  12. Hi Michelle - Thanks for stopping by! I'd gladly send you some of my sun if I could. :-)

    Erin - That is me EXACTLY. Will have to go and find that article...

  13. Just as hot here and I hate it! My husband (like yours) loves the heat in Fla and will golf in it all day.I wilt.

  14. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/features/article6676889.ece

  15. Yikes, that kind of heat and humidity would make me depressed, too. Seems to just drain every bit of energy from me. I live in the High Desert of So. Calif. so we usually get dry heat, which is perfect for using a swamp cooler. It sure saves on our electric bill. I feel especially bad for the elderly who have to deal with such a high heat index like you're experiencing. It's dangerous for them. Babies, too. You're a trooper for pushing on and getting some writing done. Is your hubby crazy? I can't imagine anyone actually liking that kind of heat! LOL.

  16. I grew up in that sort of heat, and boy, it's a killer, literally and figuratively. So hard to be motivated, all energy sapped. But it sounds like you've been busy on that novel, and nothing feels better than a good reworking!

    I won't mention our temps, other than say it's not that hot.

  17. Here in Cornwall it's freezing - back in winter clothes and thinking of putting the heating on!

  18. Terri - Ah! Another gal whose hubby is a heat lover! What are we going to do with them? LOL

    Thanks for the link, Erin!

    Lyn - I grew up in western Nebraska where there is much less humidity, more of a dry heat, so I was used to opening the windows at night and getting a nice, cool breeze. Not here!

    Anna - Yeah, I'm not very motivated in the summer. Ugh.

    Flowerpot, thanks for stopping by! I may have to move to Cornwall...

  19. Ugh. My heat is like yours, only I've been working out in it 8 hrs a day! Keeping hydrated, though. And I feel it's all about mindset. I've been making it okay.

    Hugs and thanks to you, friend!

  20. Well done on your editing, always good when you re-work something and like it better the second time around.

    Its been humid here too but not as high as where you are. Hope it cools down for you. ;-)

  21. Janna - Ack! I don't think I could do it - work out in it all day. I'd be one miserable gal. :-)

    Talei - That's why I love editing so much. Love to improve the writing!


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