Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Clean Desk... a sign that Melissa is ready to work!

I can only take clutter for so long. I can also only take loafing around for so long. Last night, I'd had enough of both (though to be fair, I have a good reason to loaf as my remaining ovary is giving me fits!) and I decided to sort, file, and clean.

A clean desk is also symbolic of how I've swept my mind clear of mental clutter surrounding the editing process. I feel ready to work now. It's only been two days, but I guess for me, that's long enough.

Can you work in constant clutter, or do you have a breaking point like me and need to de-clutter before a major project?


  1. I totally agree. I think I write better when not only my desk is clean, but when my house is clean, so there's nothing nagging me.

  2. I definitely need a clutter-free writing space, otherwise I'm distracted by the mess. And like you, I always clean up my computer files before starting a new project. It somehow clears my thoughts too ...

  3. I need to have things clear to work properly. However, clutter seems to build and build until I realise I am being unproductive and the clutter is making me lazy. It's not until I clear up that I realise how important a clear space is. That way, it's only my mind that is cluttered...with ideas. :)

  4. If I have a deadline (either professional or personal) I can ignore clutter for as long as I need to. When I'm writing, I'm pretty good at tuning it out.

  5. I am like you in that I can stand loafing and clutter for only so long. If I am starting on a major sewing project, I have to have a clean work space (even though by the time I'm done the room will be in chaos again!)

    I also tend to loaf, but only for so long, and then I have to get busy. Once I dive into something then I really get into it and don't want to stop-and it's easier to "dive in" if my surroundings are tidy:)

    I think getting your desk clean is the perfect starting point for your work on editing your novel.

    You take care of yourself! :)


  6. P.S.
    I threw in an extra "and" for you-I thought it might come in handy, LOL!

  7. Yes I have to have things in decent order before I can get productive, too! Yay for finishing your fourth novel!!!! Woo hooo!!!

    And writing in bed with kitties at your feet, yes that is pretty close to perfection in my book too :) & celebrating with ice cream!

  8. Yes, a clean desk is a blessing. Tight now I am changing my home office and everything is upside down ...books, pens, files in other rooms, sawdust everywhere. Can't wait until things are back in place.

    Congrats on finishing your 4th novel!

  9. If I didn't work in clutter I'd never get any writing done.

  10. Funny, but I have to:
    - Vaccuum my home office
    - Wipe all desk and book cases down with Pledge

    Before I do my writing for grad school. Like you say I am "mentally decluttering".

  11. I hate clutter. I just wish I knew where to put it.

    I've been watching Hoarders on Hulu and now I realize that my house IS clean!

    The Write Soil

  12. It depends...sometimes I find the clutter actually helps me, but I've also noticed that the older I get, the more it bothers me...I try to at least clear the main part of my desk every night before going to bed...other areas, however, well, the less said, the better *g*

  13. Patti - I think I've used housecleaning as an excuse not to write sometimes!

    Joanne - I'm in desperate need of cleaning up a LOT of my computer files. I let them go for too long, especially my email inbox...

    Aoife - I think I'm the same. The clutter builds and until I realize it's making me unproductive. And then I always tell myself that I need to KEEP it uncluttered. It doesn't last. ;-)

    Christine - Yep. Deadlines necessitate clutter amnesia. LOL

    Valerie - I agree. It's easier to immerse yourself in the project if you don't have that clutter distracting you!

    Margo - Unfortunately, getting those two kitties of mine to be nice and quiet while I write isn't normal anymore. They're constantly terrorizing each other which makes it hard to focus on the writing!

    Jasmina - Oh, remodeling! Fun, fun! I know what it's like to have everything out of place - it is so hard to concentrate. Hope things get back to normal soon.

    Travis - Well, how many boys do you have? ;-) Clutter is pretty much a way of life until they move out of the house!

    Sounds Bytes - Thanks for stopping by! And that reminds me - I need to dust my bookshelves, too...

    Hi Dawn! Thanks for stopping by! Stashing stuff is a problem for me, too, but my hubby is VERY good at packing a lot of stuff into a small amount of space. And since he loves garage sales, it's a good thing,

    Tess - My mother would tell you that I could work in clutter as a kid - my room was always full of papers and books and just lots of STUFF. But like you, I think the older I get, the less I can tolerate it. :-)


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