Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Writing Connections Do You Make?

I've been blogging for around five years now. In that time, I've connected with a plethora of amazing, talented writers. I've even met some in person - here in America and overseas! The Internet has opened up an incredible new world for us.

In that same vein, I also caved to joining Facebook about a year ago after resisting it for so long. Not only have I re-connected with so, so many friends from high school, college, and past jobs (which has been pretty darn neat), but I've also been able to connect with other writers.

Just yesterday, I decided to join an online writing forum, AbsoluteWrite. I haven't been involved with an online writing forum for years. But after browsing through this community and finding so much support from its members, I decided to take the plunge.

What do I hope to achieve with all these writing connections? Numerous things including friendship, community, and support. But what I'm hoping to do now is find accountability and motivation. There's something to be said for seeing others continually work toward their goal. The writing forum I joined is great at that, and since I am in need of a bit of a push on that score, I joined. Plus, there are other like-minded writers, i.e. those who write during WW2, that is also a plus.

However, I do not want these connections to take place of the actual writing. That's why I'm hoping I can limit myself. My best writing time is in the evening, after work, and since I've spent nearly all day in front of a computer at the day job, staying away from the computer at home isn't that hard.

What about you? What writing connections do you make?


  1. I've heard so many good things about the Absolute Write forums, although I haven't joined them myself. Like you, I find the support of other writers wonderful, but as you say: accountability and motivation are absolutely essential. I know some writers work entirely alone, with no feedback until their novels are done...but I don't know how they do it! I'd go batty without my writing group.

    On occasion, over the years, we've contemplated moving away from Portland, and my first thought is always, "But I'll never find another writing group like this anywhere!" Which may not be true...but I'm thankful we've always decided to stay, anyway.

    I hope you let us know how Absolute Write works for you!

  2. It's hard to know how many to take on. I do Facebook, blogging, and Twitter and that's about enough for now:)

  3. I love the Bewares section at AW - so helpful for querying! Look for me there, I'm "rebobinar" :)

    I also love the Verla Kay Blueboards. I'm writing YA now and they are so, so helpful.

    I use Twitter almost exclusively to follow agents and fellow writers. I don't tweet much, but I check in every day or so to see what's going on.

    See you around the internet! :)

  4. I am a member of several online writing groups, Facebook and Twitter, but I find it's difficult not to spend too much time on these and less on the writing, so have to limit the time I spend doing this.

  5. I've found everyone from my webmaster to my agent through blogging and social media. It took me forever to cave, but now I'm glad I did. It is hard to limit yourself sometimes. Hard to keep your priorities straight. But the writing must always come first. Always.

  6. I love to connect with fellow writers but I have to limit myself to anything online. What with blogging, Facebook and Twitter - it's all so time consuming.

  7. I haven't heard of Absolute Write. Sounds great. And I feel certain you can manage your time wisely!


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