Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Recap

We started out our weekend at a local church's big Eggstravaganza! They had a huge Easter egg hunt, a petting zoo, face-painting, games, and even pony rides.
Egg hunting is serious business. But if you can see by the photo, these eggs won't be hard to find! My daughter managed to get quite a few eggs in her basket, although none of them contained any prizes. She was pretty happy with the candy she got, though.Let me tell you, trying to pop open plastic Easter eggs and look for prizes isn't exactly fun. Those darn things can be tricky.
Mother and daughter pic - and of course, Bolt! She never goes anywhere without him.
The petting zoo was interesting - lots of goats (so my daughter wasn't as excited to pet them since she's petted a real tiger cub before), but I got a kick out of the llama.
And this goat was pretty friendly, too.

We waited in line for a good 30-45 minutes for the pony rides, but since my daughter has been begging me to take her horse-riding, it was worth the wait - especially for this big smile!

The name of her horse was Starfire and she just loved him. She also informed me that she wants a horse for her birthday. I have no idea where it will fit in our apartment. ;-)

After lunch, we went home and decided to get the eggs ready to color. And of course, my brother came over and joined in. I thought it was awfully sweet of a soon-to-be 30-year old guy to dye eggs with his niece. :-)

We got pretty creative with ours eggs, too. I think they turned out rather well.
Some of the finished product. After we were done, my mom and my brother went and hid the eggs for my daughter to find. She loved it.
We then headed over to the duck pond. There wasn't as many ducks around, but there were some beautiful geese who got close to us for some good photo ops.
Sunday we went to church, then came home and made our famous Easter Egg. It's incredibly simple to make and oh so yummy. Here's what it looked like when it came out of the egg mold:
Perfection! We topped it with whipped cream, decorated it, then put it on a bed of coconut.
This is the only time I can eat coconut. YUM. So good with the cheesecake!
And of course, you've got to work off all those calories! So grandma and granddaughter indulged in a game of Wii Baseball at my brother's house.

Suffice to say, it was a wonderful, busy weekend. Lots of fun, lots of laughter, and new memories made.
Oh! Almost forgot...

Obligatory cute cat photo for Rene.

Of course, I didn't get one whit of writing done, but I don't regret it. Family comes first and I loved every minute of the weekend.


  1. I love coconut. It's one of the few things that grows rather that grazes that I'll eat.

  2. Thanks for sharing about your family! I just love getting to see the personal side of writer friends! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend packed full of great memories.

    I didn't get much writing done either and I should have given myself permission to skip it altogether then I wouldn't be feeling so guilty this morning! Because you are right, family definitely comes first!

  3. Great pictures, Mel. Sounds like a great day. Love the egg.

    Doesn't the cat shed on your bedspread?

  4. Great pictures going on here! Looks like you had a Whole Latte Fun this Easter ;)

  5. What great pictures. Love that cake.

  6. Travis - weird how I can eat coconut in some instances but not others.

    Jody - It's so easy to feel guilty over not writing - but let your guilt go! Sometimes we just need to NOT write. :-)

    Rene - Yeah, she does shed sometimes. Good thing I'm not allergic anymore.

    Joanne - Yes, we did have a lot of fun!

    Rebecca - Thanks. :-)

  7. You look to have had a lot of busy fun. Nice pics.

  8. Sounds like a lot of fun - and the eggs looked great!

  9. Diane - It was definitely BUSY fun. I was so tired yesterday!

    Kelly - The eggs tasted great, too! We made deviled eggs the next day.

  10. Looks like a blast! Our Easter was interrupted by the flu, sadly.

    BTW - have you ever tried a coconut donut? Divine!

  11. Great post! Although, after reading it, I find myself surprisingly hungry... better go :P

  12. Elizabeth Parker7:52 PM

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter, Melissa!

    Kids never get over wanting a horse. My daughter at 29 still injects into our grocery lists:

    a pony

    He he

  13. sounds like a fantastic weekend :) Thanks for sharing those pics - especially loved your daughter on horseback, the eggs and the cat photo *g*

  14. Family does come first! I so agree with that! It looks like you had an amazing easter weekend! And hello? you're never too old to dye eggs, I did my fair share this year too! hehehe! And Ahem? Recip for delicious CHEESECAKE egg???? Jenni

  15. Is that an egg CHEESEcake? Oh my, that looks amazing.

    How did you get that middle color on the Easter egg? I am very impressed. Coloring eggs is one of my favorite things to do!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and I love the picture of you and your daughter together.

  16. I'm such a sucker for animals, I think I'd go to the petting zoo even without children! And I love your cat!

  17. Since it's obvious you adore history and Jane Austen, I wanted to mention a fab website. It's author Candace Hern's. She has pictures of Regency clothes, her collections of trinkets from that era, and just gobs of great info. Here's her url: http://www.candicehern.com
    Check it out--you'll like it!

  18. Robin - Oh dear. So sorry to hear of the illness at your house! Hope everyone is doing better.

    Jenn - That cheesecake egg was SO good. YUM.

    Hi Betty! I love the grocery list. :-)

    Tess - I knew you'd appreciate the cat pic, too. ;-)

    Giddy - The recipe is super easy. You buy it in a box at the store. Ha! That's our secret! Boxed cheesecake!

    Heather - My brother made those cool eggs. I think he dyed the whole egg one color first, let it dry completely, then dyed each end so he'd have the stripe in the middle.

    Jill - Oh yes. Love the Regency. I've checked out Candace's site before, but it's been awhile, so will have to look again. :-)

  19. Your priorities are perfect! Beautiful days with family help to fill the pool we draw on to write. I can never find hidden eggs, but I'll still be hunting for them when I have to drag my walker across the grass and around the bushes in my quest.

  20. Oh your time looked wondeful! I know this will be a sweet memory you pack away and bring out often! Thank you for the pictures!loved seeing them!

  21. Amy - I love the image of you taking your walker across the lawn to find Easter eggs!

    Terri - Glad you liked the pictures. It was a wonderful weekend.

  22. LOve that homemade egg!


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