Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bolt Update

I'm here to tell you about the power of the Internet.

My dad called me last night and asked me what specific backpack my daughter was looking for. I sent him a link and then about fifteen minutes later, he called me back and said, "Your Bolt backpack is on its way. From Italy."

I think I was shocked speechless.

By searching the Disney product number, something I never would have thought to do, he and his girlfriend found the backpack on an Italian website. And since both of them are Italian, and I am part Italian, and my daughter is, well, an 1/8 Italian, I guess it's pretty cool that her backpack is coming from Italy!

Crisis averted. My daughter will have her Disney backpack thanks to the wonderful kindness of my Dad and Maria.



  1. Man, good thing. I thought your daughter was going to have to report you to Child Protective Services.

  2. And what an awesome story behind getting the backpack! It'll be even more special that way.

  3. I agree, I bet your daughter will treasure it even more! Grandpop to the rescue, yay!

  4. Wooohooo! I love Mr. Google.

  5. Dads are brilliant, aren't they?


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