Friday, May 23, 2008


Here in the U.S., we're celebrating Memorial Day on Monday - which means a three-day weekend for a lot of us. Neither hubby nor I have to work on this holiday, so I'm quite ecstactic at the thought of three days off. Anytime I don't have to work on a Monday is a GOOD thing.

Plans include...well, maybe watching a few classic war movies, working on the novel, (hopefully on the front porch if the weather is good)sleeping in, taking lots of walks, and relaxing. Nothing too extravagant. My cat Slick really knows how to relax. I'll have to take a cue from him.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Have a wonderful holiday. And afterwards, please come by on Wednesday. Dr. Gigi Durham, the author of the Lolita Effect, the media sexualization of young girls and what we can do about it, is guest appearing on my blog this coming WEdnesday to answer questions on this very important topic. It would be wonderful if you could help spread the word or at the very least stop by and be part of our Q&A discussions.

    Hope to see you then!

  2. I ahve to work all weekend, Monday included, but I'll manage to squeeze ina bit of fun each evening. alreadys tarted alst night as a matter of fact.

  3. Enjoy your long weekend :) We had ours last week.

    Hope you get some writing done and yeah, cats sure know how to relax!!


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