Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Ticket Is Bought!

I'm excited. Really really excited.


Do you really want to know?

Really really want to know?

Ok, I'll quit toying.

Yesterday, I spent $730 for a roundtrip airline ticket from Omaha to London.


I am going to England in October, to the country that I've adored since childhood, to immerse myself for ten glorious days in a land steeped in history. I'm going to visit Diane and Shirley and maybe even Kate. And I want to stay in a ton of bed and breakfast's (is that how you make that plural? Hmmm...). I want to visit great country homes and go to the sea and maybe even take the Chunnel across the Channel to France and go visit Napoleon's tomb and see Josephine's house, two things I've always wanted to do. And in London...ah, glorious London, I plan to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Imperial War Museum and who knows what else?

I had planned on a vacation to Italy, but those plans were pushed back because no one in my family can make the trip this year. And I really want to go there with my dad or brothers or sister-in-law so that they can meet our relatives, too. It will be a much more satisfying trip that way.

I'm busy browsing the 'Net for places to go and things to do. The intinerary is wide open! And since it will be the "off" season for tourists, the crowds shouldn't be too bad, either.

I was just amazed I got such a good deal on my ticket. Omaha isn't too far from where I live, so I'll take the flight from Omaha to Chicago, then Chicago to London. And with the price of gas and everything else skyrocketing these days, I had to jump on the chance to buy a ticket to Europe for under $800.

So! That's my grand news for the day. And just for the heck of it and because I'm in such a great mood, here are a few pics I took yesterday in my front yard. I was rather pleased with how they turned out. :-)


  1. Congratulations, Melissa!! Can I carry your bags? I'm a really good bag carrier. ;)

    Rev up the camera--we're going to want to see LOTS of pics!

  2. Christine - Thanks! Oh yes, I'm going to take a TON of photos! :-)

  3. Congrats. That is awesome and I am envious.

  4. great on the tickets! That is an outstanding price.

  5. Thanks, Travis!

    Brian - Yes, a wonderful price. I figured I better snatch them up!

  6. You have the ticket! Yee-hah. How exciting. Brilliant that you got it for such an amazing price too.

    Lovely pics by the way.

  7. OH WOW....!!!!

    I am GREEN with envy...!!!

    But what an opportunity for you...!!!

  8. Ooooh - you'll have a lovely time!! And YES, with October being the off-season, the sites will be far less crowded. Where will you be based? I can recommend tons of places to see (some I've been to, some still on my list).

    Looking forward to all your photos :)

  9. Seeing as you asked, you must've known I'd respond - didn't you? The plural of bed and breakfast is bed and breakfasts. Or B&Bs. :oD

    That's fantastic news. And you know you're welcome at this particular B&B. What an excellent price too. You did good.

    (Tess, I'm in South Yorkshire, but I think she's going to miss the 1940s weekend at Pickering.)

  10. Shirley - The price was unbelievable. That's why I jumped on it right away. With the way gas prices are going, I couldn't see not doing it now. :-)

    Olivia - I've been wanting to go back to England for YEARS now. I finally decided to take the plunge! :-)

    Tess - Yes, send me some ideas! My intinerary is completely open!

    Diane - I can't wait! And darn it, yes I will miss that 1940s weekend, but I'm sure I can find something else to do. ;-)

  11. Oh, congratulations! How fun!!! I hope you get to see everything you want to!

  12. Congratulations on going and on getting such a good price!

    I spent most of my time in Britain going to pubs. I guess that's what happens when you're 20, and are staying with friends who are in their 20's. Now I just think of all I missed!

  13. I am so excited for you! I was stationed in England between '81-'83 and for me, it was the #1 place I'd wanted to visit my whole life. You will have such an adventure :)))

  14. Word Vixen - When I went last time, I spent a fair amount in the pubs, too, but it was usually at the end of a long, sightseeing day. But it was the perfect way to end the day!

    Lisa - Thanks! Last time I went, I really didn't want to come home!

  15. Run to the library or the bookstore and get Susan Allen Toth's books on her travels in London. I've visited many of the places she suggests, and she's never steered me wrong.

    In London itself, I enjoy the National Portrait Gallery and The Transport Museum, which is in Covent Garden -- I didn't want to go, but boy was I glad I went to the latter! There's also a really cool theatre museum.

    In London, I always stay at the Harlingford Hotel, which is in Bloomsbury -- best breakfasts in London, lovely rooms, great staff, two blocks from King's Cross and two blocks from another tube station. Plus, you're in Bloomsbury, and there's a great bookshop around the corner.

    There's also a lovely, tiny Italian restaurant in Cambridge Circus with great prices, great food and a lovely wine list -- I'll see if I can find the card.

    You will have the BEST time.

  16. Devon - Wow, thanks for all the great advice! I'll definitely look for that book at the bookstore.

    I remember my history teacher always telling us this famous quote about London: "When a man grows bored of London, he grows bored with life." :-)

  17. "with" London, not "of" London. Man, I need to look closer!

  18. OK I am so jealous!!!!! But good for you! You deserve it and I want to read all about the trip on your blog when you go!!!

  19. Ell - Thanks so much! I'll be taking a ton of pics to put on the blog, that's for sure! :-)

  20. So exciting! Yes, take lots of pictures. :)

  21. How did I miss this??? Yes!!! I get to meet you in October :o) Will be cool. (You do know that Norwich is home to a fairly important US WW2 miliary library, yes...?)

  22. Kate - No, I did not know about the military library, but I'm so glad you told me! :-)

    Can't wait to meet you face to face!!!


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