Friday, May 16, 2008

I Moved...

I took the plunge and registered a domain name. One of my graphic designer buddies offered to make me business cards, so I figured, why not get my domain name registered now?

This blog, Grosvenor Square, is now also

Aren't I just spiffy now?

No need to change your bookmarks if you don't want to - the old address still works just fine.

But now I feel a little more professional as far as the writing goes.

Now if I can only get the ultimate writer's room, I'll really feel professional! Ha!

Have a great weekend!


  1. hey, way to go on registering a domain name! Are you going to show off your business cards?

  2. Kacey, yep, I sure will, as soon as they're done! :)

  3. I registered my domain name, but that's it. I've never done anything with it. Hopefully, one day I'll need it. :)

  4. Way to go! You should start figuring out what you want for an author website. :)

  5. Very cool. I keep meaning to do it, but the whole process just confuses me.

  6. Lis - I love the second picture for a writer's room - with the large window and view of God's creation. I could stay in there all day and write with no problem :-)


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