Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Please Explain...

Please explain to me why my teenager, when he knows the rule of "no phone calls after 10 p.m.", insists on sneaking the phone into his room when he assumes everyone is asleep.

And please explain why, after being caught sneaking the phone numerous times in the past few months and having said phone priviledges taken away, he continues to do it knowing that he is breaking the rules?

I'm baffled.

He turns fifteen next month. And will be a freshman in high school in August. And has already had more girlfriends than I can remember.

Oh dear.

Pray for me.


  1. I too wish I could explain this. Our problem is with the texting. She hides it under her sheets and doesn't think we see the battery chord coming out of it since she uses it all of the time!

  2. LOL, Brian! Yeah, they think they're being devious and pulling the wool over our eyes, but oh, how wrong they are...

  3. One word -- Puberty. And the pursuit of all things that go with it.

  4. My oldest was exactly this way at exactly this age...

    Travis said it: puberty.

  5. I'm smiling. Neither Mom nor Dad nor fear of grounding are more powerful than the hormones coursing through his veins and the need to stay in contact with his peeps ;)

  6. Travis - the pursuit is what has me worried!

    Therese - well, it's good to know that my kid isn't the only malfunctioning teenager out there. ;-)

    Lisa - Oh, how right you are!

  7. because
    1)he's a teen
    2)he's a male
    3)they don't think

    you're welcome. I'm just full of advice *g

  8. Girls. In a word.

  9. Kacey - Now you were supposed to give me tons of advice with all those boys you've got! ;-)

    Marty, I'm afraid you're right. He's got girls on the brain.

  10. When he heads of to Kentucky, you guys should move and leave no forwarding address.

    My stepson pulled crap like that. I wish I could tell you what solved it. We finally sent him to live with his mom. Let her share in the wealth.

  11. I was horrible at that age. Really horrible. I felt like I had no say in my own life (even though I had plenty) and every time a figure of authority (even someone I loved or respected) laid down a rule, it was like I HAD to break it.


    I grew out of it during the 15th year, but the year I was 14 . . .

    When I'm dealing with my godkids going through that stage, I always say, "I remember how much it sucked to be your age Anyone who tells you these are the best years of your life is smoking crack. Unfortunately, living in my house means living by my rules, and taking the consequences when you break them. Your parents might not kick your ass hard . . .but I will."

    Most of the time, it works. When it doesn't Demon Seed is sent back home. Unfortunately, when you're the parent, there's no place to send them. My sympathies.

  12. Hey - where'd my comment go? Sheesh - stupid Blogger. Yesterday I said something like:

    "I believe the word teenager explains it all."

  13. Ugh. I hope he gets his act together soon, but wouldn't hold my breath. My nephew has been a little sod, and is running out of places where he can go. Very sad. He's about the same age. Hugs--you'll get through it.

  14. Rene - The thought has crossed my mind...hehehe

    Devon - I think this is why I have such a hard time understanding him. I guess I was a model kid. I had the utmost respect for my parents when I was a teenager and hardly ever acted up - unless it was over a stupid boy. But when I went to college, "all hell broke loose" as my Dad says. ;-)

    Tess - Yep - it explains an awful lot, that's for sure!

    Toni - It's such a hard age. I hope your nephew will straighten out soon.


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