Friday, May 02, 2008

Memory Lane

It's been 15 years since I graduated from high school and eleven years since I graduated from college (undergrad). The above photo was taken during my senior year with one of my best friends in college. Look how thin I was!

Unfortunately, I don't keep in touch with hardly anyone from my high school class, and there wasn't very many of us. I think we had around 35 people (our entire town only had a population of 1600) and despite what you might think, we weren't exactly a "close" class. My best friends were sophomores when I was a senior, if that tells you anything.

But the other day, I was talking to another guy who I went to high school with. We work at the same company and started walking down memory lane, catching each other up with where certain people were now. So I figured I'd try and find my old junior high English teacher who was always a great believer in my writing, but no longer was at my school. And lo and behold, I found his email address. I wrote him a short note and he replied. It was great to hear from him and I hope to stay in touch. Gotta love the internet.

Do you still stay in touch with friends or teachers from high school?


  1. We had our 20-year reunion this past summer. It amazed me how many of those people live in Lincoln now that I've never bumped into. My old locker mate and I live less than a mile apart and we didn't even know it. We've stayed in touch ever since.

  2. Brian, my twenty year is coming up. We had a ten year reunion, but hardly anyone showed up (including me!). Maybe ten years isn't long enough. ;-)

  3. Two of my closest friends are ones I made in high school. And I'm in touch with some others now via Facebook. One of my close HS friends married a friend of Sean's from university - cool, huh?

    I used to keep in closer touch with some of my former teachers, but since they retired and I left Ontario, it hasn't been so easy.

  4. PS - only 15 years since you left HS? Wow, now I feel old. It's 24 for me this year. Yikes!!

  5. Hm. I occasionally see people from high school. I don't really have any that I keep up with though. Nor college friends I keep up with either. I do like a good trip down memory lane, does that count??

  6. I keep up with only one friend from high school. We go back 30 years (yikes, I just figured that I REALLY feel old!) We know and understand things about each other nobody else does, and I really treasure her friendship.

    When I got published, I sent a book and letter to my favorite high school English teacher, thanking her for all her encouragement when I was in school--I wanted to let her know I'd never forgotten it. She'd retired the year before, and she wrote a really lovely letter back.

  7. I got back in touch with one of my college professors who had retired. I think he's passed away now, but it was great to be in touch on a different level than before.


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