Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Two Things Outta the Way

Meeting went well last night and so did the job interview. Two things done this week - about ten billion more to go.

It's a cold and cloudy day today, perfect for hunkering down with my laptop on the couch with my pajama pants, a cold can of Diet Pepsi, and a handful of dark chocolate. Instead, I am at work, wearing pantyhose, and mourning the fact that I already drank my Diet Pepsi for the day. Now it's strictly water for the rest of the afternoon.

And besides, I have a hard time finding the couch these days. But the good news is that my office should be set up tonight since the Internet will be hooked up tomorrow. And then I can proceed to make sense out of my life again.

I'm itching to dive into the novel and polish it until it gleams like a newly minted quarter. And hopefully, the coming winter months will let me do just that!


  1. I know you'll be glad to get your office all set up and ready to use. Yea!

  2. It'll be great when it is finished!! What is your new place like? Did I miss that post? Hmm. I'll look :)

    Halloween!! Yikes. Hubby is away and I need to go trick or treating

  3. Oooh, Melissa -- you've been living without the internet? I can't imagine what I'd do without it! Oh, wait...I'd cook real meals, clean house, do laundry, watch TV...

    Uh, never mind.:D

  4. I hear ya on the pajama pants and diet pepsi laptop. That's so me! LOL.

  5. But it must be so exciting being in your new house :-) And getting to set up a whole new office. You'll have to post pics for us!

  6. A real wonderful! Enjoy it!

  7. Sorry you're stuck in pantyhose - I don't miss wearing those things at all! Of course now that I stay home all I wear is sweats and I start to miss dressing up...

    Yay on getting the internet and your office set up!! I was w/out internet for a few hours this morning and I felt like I was missing an arm. How lame is that?

  8. I should have clarified - it's not a new house, but the same house we've been living in. We decided to wait to sell it until we're a little more financially stable. :-)

  9. YAY on the office and the job interview and the meeting. :( on the already gone diet Pepsi. It's hard setting restraints, isn't it?

    Be strong though! You can do it. And best of luck setting up your office.

  10. Everyone sounds like they are having an insane week - myself included!


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