Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Lure of Editing

Despite the tension headache of yesterday (actually, my headaches pretty much never go away as I have chronic tension headaches), I wanted to write last night. It felt strange not to have to work on my novel - as far as writing new pages anyway. I really just wanted to take a break from the novel for a few days, let it sit and gel a little before I tore it apart with my trusty editing tools.

But I couldn't resist tinkering with it. To me, editing is the fun part. This is where I really get to play with the language. I think I've always loved to edit. In fact, I still have a nonfiction piece I wrote in junior high that has extensive pencil marks all over it from my editing process. While I like to think that my writing has evolved enough that I don't need to change every single word, I still love to see how I can mix things up.

Do you like to edit? Or would you rather someone else take the scythe to your work?


  1. Even if you want to work on that piece, let it sit for awhile before you edit. It's imperative to get fresh eyes, or you won't catch the real problems/points/inconsistancies that need work.

    If you want to write, start something new. Even with moving, you can put a few words down on most days.

    But let your recently finished piece "rest" before going back -- you'll be surprised how much it will help.

    I love to edit -- especially to cut -- but I need distance to do it properly.

  2. It depends how hard the story was to write in the first place LOL.

  3. It depends how hard the story was to write in the first place LOL.

  4. It depends on my mood - sometimes I LOVE to edit, other times I HATE it. Especially if it reveals I need to rewrite whole chunks of my ms - LOL!

  5. I don't mind editing - unless I've edited it so many times I'm just sick of the dang thing. :)

  6. It depends on how big the issues are, to tell the truth. If you're talking typos, passive voice and consistency, count me in, lol. If you're talking about larger issues, you'll need some distance for that, trust me. I have a great group of critique partners who don't let me stray off track too much, which is a huge blessing!


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