Friday, October 20, 2006

Odds and Ends

I've decided to splurge on one thing for myself with the prize money I won for my history article. And I think I've finally narrowed it down to the complete series of As Times Goes By. Yes, Rene, I hear you laughing at me! But I simply adore this show. I've wanted the complete series for some time now, but never had the finances to do. Still, I'm a bit hesitant to shell out the cash because part of me wants to hang onto it. But hey, I should reward myself for a job well done, right? :-)

I was going to have a garage sale this weekend, but since there's a 50% chance of rain, it's looking like that will be the last thing I do. And really, I don't mind. I might just try and get the rest of the stuff packed up and ready to go.

Speaking of packing, I had the unenviable job of going through my daughter's room the last two days. I can't believe how much stuff she has. And it's not even big stuff. No, it's little tiny stuff. Plastic horses and My Little Ponies and dogs, cats, dinosaurs, frogs - you name it, she's got it! Then there's the matchbox cars and crayons and markers and...sigh. The list goes on. I think I finally got everything organized and ready for the move. And to think - when she was born, I thought, "Well, she doesn't have very many toys. I'll have to go shopping." Ha! Talk about the exact opposite happening! She's got too much stuff. Of course, as soon as I unearth something she hasn't seen for months, she wants to play with it.

And then there's the writing. I feel listless walking around without knowing that I should get my butt to the chair and be writing. But I think letting my novel just sit for awhile is a good idea. My mind needs that mental break.

So here's the question of the day. If you could splurge and buy something you've been wanting for a long time, what would it be?

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. My splurge is usually a good craft of writing book, but I must admit my last splurge was LOST Season 2 on DVDs.

    As Time Goes By looks good. I think I may have watched it once or twice with my mom. Enjoy it, Melissa!

  2. If I sell my current WIP, I'm going to buy a new recliner. That's where I work all day long, and the one I have now is worn out and leans back too far, which puts strain on my neck, which makes me really sore.

  3. Laser eye surgery. I'm so tired of having to pick up the alarm clock and hold it to my nose to see what time it is in the middle of the night!

  4. Splurge? Hmmm... maybe a nice handbag! LOL. Really it would be a trip to England, but since I have kid that's not really possible yet. Maybe when she's older.

  5. Yes, you should reward yourself for a job very well done!!
    Btw you've been tagged to join a unique list to help other writers - info on my blog... (I always feel guilty for 'tagging' but this one is unique and a great idea for us writers)

    Sue :-)

  6. A nanny or a full-time maid. Certainly not a video set based on geezers.

  7. I go with the full time made too!

  8. My daughter has a room full of crap. What is it with bits of things and paper?

    Have a lovely weekned--I loved that series too :)

  9. My children have so many little crappy toys it makes me nuts. I just purged a bunch last week and it wasn't good enough. Must purge again.

    Splurge??? Hmmm...besides the vacation home on Maui, I'd get the complete series DVD set of Sex & the City cos I loved those girls.


  10. A trip! I'm not picky about where, well, not too. I need a vacation.

    My boys are the same way, by the way. They have endless boxes of little crap. But then they also have huge boy toys, like the Millenium Falcon, T-Rex Mountain....I feel your pain.

  11. Depends on the size of the splurge! One thing I'd love is the OED on CD-ROM, which I believe is about $500. And, of course, I'd love a new computer - LOL!

  12. I ADORE AS TIME GOES BY. Good choice for a splurge. Also wonderful is SLINGS AND ARROWS. Have you ever seen that? I hear it was on SUNDANCE for a while.

    Re: Lasik, had it done a few years ago and it was WONDERFUL. Couldn't believe it. Worn glasses since second grade. When they finished one eye, while they were prepping the other eye, I looked over and SAW the clock on the wall. Blew me away. Because I'm an old broad, I had mono vision, so have a seeing eye and a distance eye. LOVE IT!

    Good luck with that packing. I'm heading out of town to see my NY daughter. First time in the Big Apple. Can't wait!


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