Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Holidays are Looming

I've lost nearly 40 pounds since January. And I love it. I feel better, I look better, and my self-esteem has improved considerably. Of course, I want to lose another 30 pounds or so, but I feel the walls of doom closing in on me with the holiday season approaching.

I love sweets. And according to my dietician, I can have those sweets - but just have to cut out some other carbs from my meals and watch how many sweets I eat. Contrary to what many people thing, some diabetics can have sugar - it's just not a great thing to eat because it results in lots of bad calories, fat, and stuff your body really could do without. Plus it makes your insulin levels go up and that is the thing you want to avoid. But if you want to have a cookie, you have to cut out the bread or another carb at dinner.

There's a tendency for me to just want to say the heck with it and indulge. But I'm scared to death to gain back any weight. Maybe if I just keep up with my exercise program I'll be fine.

One thing is for sure - I haven't bought any Halloween candy nor am I likely to. It's too much of a temptation to have around.

Do you have any surefire methods to avoid the holiday weight gain?


  1. Wow, I'm so happy for you!

    I've been on a serious diet lately, and have lost 15 pounds, and I've found that what you said about temptation is soooo very true.

    If I don't buy chocolate or chips, or stuff like that, I can't eat it. I'm forced to find something else to eat instead. Something healthier, or at least lower in calories. It's made a HUGE difference.

    But I, too, am dreading the holidays. And I no longer enjoy going out to eat. It stresses me out, because I don't know what I'm eating if I don't make it myself. ;-(

  2. Rachel - AWESOME on losing 15 pounds! Good for you!

  3. Melissa, congrats on the weight drop! I'm not buying Halloween candy, either; I'm going out with my kids this year. Now the trick will be keeping the treats out of my hands after we loop around and fill their bags. Mini M&Ms...weakness!!!

  4. Melissa, I THOUGHT you looked very different the last time I saw you -- and I mean GOOD different! I've also lost about 30 pounds over the last year, mostly because (believe it or not) I just get too busy writing to eat. If no one's home but me, I'll write through lunch.

    So my only suggestion for losing weight over the holidays would be to do NaNoWriMo in December...:D

  5. Do you have any surefire methods to avoid the holiday weight gain?


  6. Hey Melissa! You sound like me five years ago! I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at 23 and learned all the myths about what you can and can't eat. I lost almost 30lbs (and gained that and lots more when I had my kid)

    You're doing fabulous! You've inspired me to keep going strong :)

  7. Yeah, don't eat? Oh, wait, that won't work...

    Congrats on losing 40 lbs! That is sooo awesome. Don't beat yourself up - just don't over indulge during the holiday season. It sounds like you already have the right attitude.

  8. First, CONGRATS on those 40lbs!!! Fantastic!!

    As for how to keep weight off over the holidays, I accept I'll gain a couple of pounds, but also try to do things like exercise more (even if it means walking rather than getting to the gym if we're busy) and when I want a yummy Christmas treat, I take a small amount and walk AWAY from the main cache. Then I try to ask myself if I'm REALLY hungry, or do I just WANT to eat.

    And here in Canada we do get a bit of a break with having Thanksgiving in early October, rather than late November. It helps NOT having two eating holidays quite so close together.

  9. My only method to avoid weight gain is to stay away from my mother's cookies, which is impossible.

  10. Wiring my jaw might work, but I guess I could still melt some chocolate and pour it in ;)

  11. Move to Outer Mongolia? Nope, probably some sweets there too.

    Congratulations on the weight loss - and I understand the fear stuff, but most diet programs say it's okay to gain a pound or two over the holidays. If you look at it that way maybe you'll relax and not obsess about it. Then you might find that you aren't even thinking about it anymore. It's worth a shot.

    Oh and the trick to going out to eat is to ask about the ingredients of a meal. Then ask for a doggie bag to be brought with your meal, take as much as you think you should have and put the rest away and out of sight. You can even have the server remove the container then. You're going to pay the same amount whether you eat part of it or all of it. (I once lost 135 lbs doing that)


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