Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Says It All

When I saw this picture, I immediately posted it on Facebook. Our new cat, Slick, who is the most ornery, curious, downright infuriating cat I've ever known, will be introduced to the wonder of Christmas trees in a few weeks. His obsession with anything that moves, anything that's shiny, and anything he can play with (are you sensing a pattern here?) is going to be put to the test when we get out the Christmas tree.

I have a feeling we are in for a major battle. And this is why:
Does he really look like he cares what his humans do in trying to keep him from mischief?


Christmas is going to be interesting at our place this year...


  1. lol. We put a string of gold beads on our tree, and one recent year I came into the living room to find them lined straight across the living room, thanks to our cat pulling them off the tree and having a purr-fectly swell time with them :)

    I fear you're in for a Meow-y Christmas!

  2. Joanne - Hahaha! At least she didn't knock over hte tree! And I fear you're right - it's definitely going to be a Meowy Christmas!

  3. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt! ;) I learned the hard way to put the breakables up top, and the wooden or plastic ones in the middle and bottom. But as our 4 cats get older they're getting more mellow so I haven't had much problems in the last couple of years. However, I have no idea how our new dog is going to take to the tree....hmmm.....lol

  4. Betsy - LOL. My husband actually made me absolve him of all responsibility for the tree because he knows how much mischief Slick is going to cause (and plus Slick is his cat!). We shall see what happens, but I actually am preparing for battle!

  5. We have a new dog this year, too--65 lbs and she loves ANYTHING that looks like a ball! I'm already thinking the ball-shaped ornaments better stay in their boxes this year...

    Later you'll have to give us the Slick Christmas tree report!

  6. Christine - That I will. I should probably take pictures to document the rise and fall (maybe even literally!) of the tree.

  7. Melissa, Good luck!!!

    I think Slick is actually enjoying the thought of how much kitty mischief he's going to get into this Christmas. He has the most "Cat-titude" I've ever seen-on any animal:)

  8. Can't wait to hear what happens - and what happen he will wreak!!

  9. I have great memories (and a picture, too, I think) of my childhood cat perched on the edge of the sofa leaning waaaayyyyyy over to bat at a glass ornament. :)

    I'm worried this year about the puppy. He's into everything, chews it all, but mostly, he's something like 80 pounds and all rambunctiousness, so I fear him flying into it and bringing it crashing down!

  10. Valerie - I think you're right! He probably dreams up new ways to get into mischief!

    Flower - I think I'll document it all. ;-)

    Heidi - Sounds like you'll have to anchor that tree down! ;-)

  11. Luckily I don't have any pets, but I do remember putting a fence around around tree when our son was young.

  12. Hee! What a cutie, and I soooo know what you mean. Fortunately, my youngest cat is like six now, so they mostly leave the tree alone, but I still only decorate the top half. It's safer that way. My big Husky likes to rub against the tree too, thinks it's a back scratcher. So, ornaments stay up higher.

    Good luck!

  13. He might be a bit of a pickle, but he looks adorable. I can't imagine you could be cross with him for long.

  14. Patti - LOL. That image of a fence around your tree made me laugh!

    DK - My other cat, who is older, loved to sit underneath the tree, but not once has she ever tried to climb it, so I don't have to worry about her. But Slick...oh dear. It will be interesting!

    Debs - How right you are. He is so darn adorable that I can't stay mad at him for long, darn it.

  15. Aw, but he is absolutely adorable. Hmm, Christmas is going to be fun.

    Thankfully, our old cat, ignores the tree. Our previous cat was a nightmare though. :)

  16. Elizabeth Parker10:15 AM

    And don't forget the kiddies! When Jaime was a toddler, she used to take all the ornaments off the tree and put them into her crib. I would return them to the tree each day, and by nightfall, they'd be back in her room. :)

  17. Shirley - This morning I woke up to perhaps a precursor to what Christmas will be like - my vase of flowers on the floor and the living room a mess. Slick looked at me in wide-eyed innocence. ;-)

    Betty - What a cute story (and a wonderful memory!).


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