Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Is Coming!

As you can see by my new blog background, I'm quite excited for Christmas this year. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can officially start decorating, listening to Christmas music, and start anticipating my favorite holiday!

Our tree last year
Since we're in a new house this year, I am uber excited to decorate it. We have a cute little brick Cape Cod with a small yard. I plan to put up lights and decorations galore! I admit, I will miss my fireplace that we had in our apartment. Nowhere to hang our stockings! But I'll figure something out.

Of course, our kitty, Slick, will probably make things interesting, but hopefully he'll learn to leave everything alone - especially the tree!

I also can't wait to pick out some yummy Christmas cookie recipes and make up some cookie plates for our neighbors. We've never lived in a close-knit neighborhood before, so I'm quite excited to hand them out. My daughter and I are ready to get baking!

We're staying home this Christmas. Usually, we head to western Nebraska, but my daughter requested we stay put this year. I don't blame her. The holiday is such a whirlwind of travel, going to different places, hauling our luggage around, and being just plain exhausted by the end of the trip that once in awhile, it's ok to stay home. I will miss our traditional Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house and the other time spent with family, but we plan to have a nice, quiet Christmas.

Are you looking forward to Christmas this year?


  1. Usually I'm uber excited about Christmas, but some reason I'm feeling a little meh about it this year. Hopefully I'll get into the spirit soon.

  2. What a beautiful picture.

    I'm quite excited about Christmas even though it's going to be a quiet time and I'll be working more than usual.

  3. Patti - Each year is different for me. Sometimes I really look forward to it and other times I'm meh. I hope the Christmas spirit visits soon!

    Debs - Ours will be quiet, too. I think it will be good for us, a time to truly reflect on the real reason of the season.

  4. I get stressed out over Christmas. Gotta get over that. I'm still trying to appreciate the festiveness and franticness amidst the true spirit of Christmas. Thanksgiving is my favorite celebration.

  5. I'm SO excited for Christmas!!

    Then again we put our tree up the first weekend in November...we waited to put up anything the neighbors could see until this weekend though :)

  6. I love Christmastime. We're going to be busy a few of these weekends, so we actually put up our tree the weekend before Thanksgiving. That's the earliest I've EVER put up a tree. But it's pretty, and we're enjoying it every day. My family and I stay home for Christmas too, and keep things low key and intimate.

  7. So pretty! I haven't even started decorating yet but my kids are wanting to. Sounds like your Christmas will be sweet and intimate.

    I'm looking forward to making gifts. The creativity Christmas brings is such an inspiration!
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  8. Sandi - I will pray you are less stressed this year and able to enjoy the holiday!

    Kelley - LOL. I like how you waited to put up the outside stuff. I'll probably start decorating this weekend.

    Joanne - I don't know if I've ever put my tree up before Thanksgiving or not, but that just means you have longer to enjoy it!

    Catherine - I'm actually making some Christmasy crafts this year and it's been a lot of fun!

  9. I love Christmas too. We usually decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving (except for the tree, which comes a little later), and even though it's the same decorations as every year, I can't help thinking they look especially beautiful this year!

    When I was little and we lived in an apartment, I think we used to hang our stockings along the edge of our entertainment center. We had a fireplace for a little while, but now, with a woodstove, we hang them down the sides of an archway.

  10. I LOVE that tree!!

    All my kids will be home this year, been a long time since that occurred, so yup, I am so excited for all their cheery faces!

  11. Lovely picture Melissa. I'm not looking forward to it this year cos it will be the first one without Pip but am hoping it will be better than I am anticipating!

  12. Melissa,I can't wait!!

    When we lived in New York we didn't have a mantle, so I put up a shelf with cup hooks on the underside and hung our stockings there, and then decorated the shelf like a mantle:)

  13. Elisabeth - There is something special about using the same decorations every year. They become old, treasured friends.

    Anna - Oh, how lovely to have all your children home. Enjoy!!!

    Flower - I hope you are able to find some joy in the season this year. I know Pip will be looking down on you. :-)

    Valerie - I can't wait, either! And that is a wonderful idea with the shelf!

  14. I'm getting excited about Christmas now. It's hearing all the old Christmas songs, I think. They always bring a smile to my face.

    Hope you find somewhere to hang the stockings!

  15. Shirley - I think the trick will be to hang them somewhere that the kitty can't get to them! ;-)

  16. It is always so much fun to decorate a new house!! Enjoy your family time together there. You can make new cool memories:)
    We have no Christmas plans this year---along--but that's ok--I am truly grateful for being here with my hubby!

  17. I was literally counting days until I could start playing Christmas music! (Self-imposed rule: MUST wait until after Thanksgiving. Even though Portland has 2 radio stations who started playing Christmas songs 24/7 two weeks BEFORE Thanksgiving. Horrors.)

    Not sure if we'll have a tree this year. The German Shepherd just got done mauling a feather pillow to death so... maybe we'll skip this year.

    Happy Christmas season!

  18. Terri - You've been through a lot of changes this year. I pray the Lord will bless you on Christmas Day!

    Christine - Oh, I know what you mean! I couldn't wait to listen to Christmas music, either, but it just feels wrong until at least December 1.

    As far as the cat goes...oh my. I got out a few decorations last night and he was playing with the lights, etc. I am not sure how this is all going to go, but I'll give it a shot.


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