Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My New Buddy

If you've been reading my blog for awhile now, you'll know that I once had an incredible dog named Charlie Brown. I tragically lost him a few years ago and just thinking about him still brings tears to my eyes.

I am a Facebook fan of the HUA, Hearts United for Animals, a "national no-kill shelter, sanctuary, and animal welfare organization dedicated to the relief of suffering." They are located not far from me in eastern Nebraska. Today, they posted a picture of Banderas, a handsome black dog that instantly reminded me of my beloved Charlie Brown. Banderas needed a "buddy" - i.e., a financial supporter who could make monthly donations to take care of him until he is adopted into his forever home.

Well, it took me about two seconds to click on the link and become Banderas's buddy. If I could, I would bring him home, but our landlady has a firm policy: NO DOGS.

So I'll do my small part for Banderas, who has not had the happiest life. From his bio on the website:

This gorgeous, gigantic lug of fluff is the just about the sweetest thing in the world. Banderas was found abandoned on a farm, tied up with a heavy, rusted choke chain. When his rescuers got to him, the chain had become twisted and Banderas was slowly dying from strangulation. We can not fathom what agony he would have endured, what fear he was battling. Banderas is eternally grateful for the help given to him. He is a kind, gentle giant who asks for nothing. Well, OK, he's a bit of a sucker for belly rubs and does every now and then request some good scratching. We are more than happy to oblige. We think Banderas deserves a life time of them.

This tells me that Banderas is a fighter, just like my Charlie Brown was.

My Charlie Brown
This is for you, Charlie Brown! I will keep you forever in my heart. 

Take a minute, if you're so inclined, to visit the HUA. They are a truly remarkable organization. They even do long-distance adoptions!


  1. Kudos to you, and how wonderful to help Banderas as a tribute to Charlie Brown. Banderas sounds like a dog who will melt some lucky family's heart, and somewhere, Charlie Brown will be smiling :)

  2. He's gorgeous...and you are so wonderful to be his buddy...a shame your landlady has to be so adamant about no dogs :(

  3. I agree Melissa-it's wonderful you are doing this! It breaks my heart when I hear about any kind of animal abuse, and I think the idea of sponsoring a pet is brilliant. What a handsome boy Banderas is, too.

    I wish you could adopt him for real:)

  4. Oh my goodness, he looks just like your Charlie Brown! I've never heard of this organization, thank you for sharing! Great idea. And I hope someday soon you'll live somewhere you can have dogs. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Joanne - It is my fondest wish that I get to see my Charlie Brown again someday. I hope he's smiling down on us! :-)

    Tess - I think other tenants ruined it for her. But at least she lets us have our two kitties.

    Valerie - Animal abuse is so, so horrible, and there is simply no excuse for it. I'm so glad there are such terrific organizations out there that can help them.

    Betsy - I'm really looking forward to having a dog again! Not sure when that will be as we just moved into our house, but I will definitely be getting a rescue dog.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, too!

  6. Melissa, he's utterly gorgeous. I'm so glad he has you for a buddy. Animal abuse is so utterly awful.

    I'm sure Charlie Brown is smiling down on you with approval.

  7. What a wonderful idea, Melissa!


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