Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Your Writing Projects

With spring-like temperatures here in Nebraska, I'm a little more motivated to tackle my writing projects. Here's what's on my to-do list:

1) Organize outline of new non-fiction book
2) Finish novel
3) Write rough draft of two history articles
4) Plan/prepare for interview for WW2 article
5) Make plans to travel for research for non-fiction book

What about you? What writing projects are you working on?


  1. Martin1:52 PM

    I selected 4 stories from criminal procedings I worked at as a lawyer. I want to write 4 short stories using this basic material. Wrote a lot - and threw away a lot.

    Hard to make dialogues that you can feel real! Ever when you, in fact, listened those words. When in paper, so many words look just fake.

  2. In preparation for trying to write a factual account of my Uncle's story-I'm going to start practicing by doing some small projects where the writing is less about being creative, and more about being, well, factual LOL! (You know what I mean! And thanks for the "teacher" email-it was hilarious!!!)

  3. Martin - Good for you! Yeah, dialogue is sometimes hard to get just "right" but keep at it!

    Valerie - I thought you might like that email! *grin* I'm SO glad you are dipping your toes into creative writing! You will do great. :-)

  4. I am trying to edit this current MS but only on page 50. Miles to go:)

  5. I've got two projects that I'm currently querying, one fiction, one nf. While I'm waiting, I'm preparing a few recent interviews for my Coffee-With posts on the blog, and submitting smaller pieces locally.

  6. I've been working on several short stories, and editing a manuscript I finished last fall.

  7. Ho ho ho - I don't think you have room for my current writing projects. :o) Here's a handful, though:

    1. Write 1st draft of Catch the Rainbow (novel).
    2. Write first short story for Tarot anthology.
    3. Shift at least 6 article queries through the door by the end of today.
    4. Write 2 short stories, one for Easter, one for May Day, for favourite magazine market.
    5. Write kids' activity book, series 3, no 3.

    Is that enough for now?

    Good luck with yours.

  8. 1. Finish 2-pg synopsis of book #1 in series
    2. Rough outline of books #2-3
    3. Start book #2
    4. +/- revisions of book #1, depending on my agent's feedback
    5. Guest blog post on historical vs dystopian fiction in YA (guess which side I'm on?) :)

    Martin, the best advice I ever heard about dialogue is that good dialogue is an illusion of real speech, not a transcription of it. If you write dialogue the way people actually talk, it does look fake. And boring, usually.

  9. Terri - One page at a time!

    Joanne - Good for you on the queries! Here's hoping they bring back requests for FULLS!

    Elisabeth - A nice mixture - short stories and a novel. You go, girl!

    Diane - I'm tired just reading your list! But wow, what a ton of ideas you've got. Awesome job.

    Christine - You're definitely staying busy! Anymore WW2 novels planned?

  10. How interesting that you have both a non-fiction and fiction book in the works! You're a lot like me. ;) For me, I'll be writing my WIP until summer at least and anytime my agent gives me back edits I'm going to halt that WIP and work on my other novel so I can get it out on sub.

  11. Excellent to-do list! ;-)

    For me, I working on edits on my WIP which I finished in Dec. I also have so many ideas for other stories now but am holding back to finish this first WIP. Soon, I hope, soon! ;-)

  12. Tana - So EXCITING that you get to say "my agent", isn't it? :-) Good luck with the writing!

    Talei - Write all those ideas down so you don't forget! :-) Have fun editing!

  13. Awesome list! Good luck getting it all done!

  14. Working on a new women's fiction novel and contemplating releasing the last on my own as an e-book.

  15. Colene - Thank you!

    Travis - Really? I say go for it. With the publishing industry turned upside down, there's really nothing to lose.

  16. I want spring-like weather!


    Writing projects - I'm determined to finish 3 partially done projects by end of July so I can start on something new and different. I need to stretch the creative muscle. Good luck with your projects!

  17. Thanks, Kelly! It's colder here today, but at least the sun is still shining. :-)


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