Friday, February 11, 2011

Blech and Yuck and Grr!

I hate being sick.

All week, I've pushed through the fog in my mind and the fatigue in my body to try and stay on point for the day job (one of my co-workers is on vacation so I can't take sick leave). It's been trying, to say the least.

But Friday is here, and I only have a few more hours to go before I can go home and relax.


I have an idea for a new book (non-fiction this time) and my mind is spinning with everything I have to do. I spent last night so engrossed in the project that I forgot for a bit how awful I felt.

I was reminded this morning.

I also haven't exercised once this week, which infuriates me, but I simply don't have the energy.

Ah well.

Here's to a restful weekend full of lots and lots of naps!


  1. If you lived next door to me I'd have you over for a cup of coffee and you could tell me all about it:)

    You assignment for the weekend is to get better!

  2. Valerie - I'd LOVE to tell you all about it! Shoot me an email at melissaamateis at earthlink dot net
    I have exciting news! (no, it's not an agent, darn it...)

  3. It's always energizing when a new writing project takes shape ... Have fun with the nf project, in between naps of course ;)

  4. Very sorry to hear you're not well! Hoping you can get lots of rest this weekend. I love your Valentine's page design. :)

  5. A new idea for non-fiction? Do tell! ;-) I really do hope you kick this cold? I've been sick too though much better towards the tale end of the week. Hope you get lots of napping in too!

  6. Cool on the new project simmering! But I hope the weekend gives you back your stamina, strength and general-feel-wellness! Hugs

  7. Ooh, a new book idea! Nothing more exciting, in that early, heady, all-is-possible stage. Hope your cold is loosing its grip so you can dive in!

  8. Hope you feel better and can enjoy some of this gorgeous weather we're having! 70 degrees today, holy moly.


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