Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The American Writers Museum

Can I just say that this would be the perfect place for me to work? Not only would I get to use that handy dandy graduate degree in history that I earned, but I would also get to immerse myself in the written word all day long.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you: The American Writers Museum.

Though the museum does not have a permanent location yet (I "subtly" suggested they put it right smack in the middle of the country, i.e. Nebraska, for a "central location." ha!), that day is not far behind.

The founder of the museum, Dr. Malcolm E O'Hagan, has planned some absolutely brilliant concepts to put in the museum including literary art (portraits of authors, book cover art, etc.), manuscripts and first editions on display, and even a little cafe featuring dishes from novels!

You can even take a survey and offer your feedback on what YOU would like to see at the museum!


  1. I'd like to see YOU working there. Perfect!

  2. It would be your dream place to work! I'd definitely come to visit, too:)

  3. What a great idea. I love the plan for dishes from novels, imagine what the menus would read like? How fun is that!

  4. I would love to walk the aisles of writer history!

  5. Janna - DREAM job for me!

    Valerie - I'd give you a discount if you came to visit! ;-)

    Joanne - Oh, wouldn't the menus be cool? I bet they will have a blast coming up with them.

    Tamika - I guess there are other writer museums in the world (Ireland, for one) and that's where the founder got this idea. I say it's about time we were recognized. ;-)

  6. What a wonderful idea! For some reason, I'm surprised it hasn't been done before now. I'm glad we're catching up!

    If it's ever possible, you should DEFINITELY work there. :)

  7. This is awesome! (and would be a great place for my husband to work too!)

  8. Oh I love this! It looks like yet an other time kill for me. ;) I'm a sucker for all things literary. Plus I'm fascinated by old author photo's. Something about them being eery and mysterious.

  9. Christine - I was surprised, too, that we didn't already have one of these museums. I'm glad it's being remedied!

    Betsy - Yet another reason for them to move it to Nebraska! ;-)

    Tana - There IS something rather strange about old author photos, isn't there?


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