Wednesday, January 05, 2011

That One Resolution

Losing weight and exercising is a common New Year's Resolution for many. It is for me. But then again, I've had that resolution for several years now, and I've kept it for several years. So truthfully, it's become more like a lifestyle change than a resolution. I exercise at least three times a week and except for that little holiday glutton SNAFU, I eat fairly healthy.

But this year, I needed to go a different direction with my lifestyle change.

Back in the summer of 2010, my fitness club closed. I loved it. It was open 24 hours, was for women only, and mirrored the circuit work-out of Curves. I lost a good chunk of weight there - last count was somewhere over 20 pounds - and was set to lose more. But when it closed, I thought I could save myself some money by using my (free!) treadmill at home and taking walks outside (when the weather permitted). I did this during the summer and the fall, but I felt my weight creeping back on. Reason? I was getting the cardio, but not the strength-training.

Various health problems plagued me for a few months and even more weight came on. So when I found myself returning to those old, big jeans in the closet again because my regular jeans were too tight, I knew I had to do something. The treadmill wasn't cutting it.

Last night, I came home, ate some supper, grabbed my keys, and announced to my hubby that I was going to join Curves. Now.

I had been a member of this Curves gym three years ago and lost weight. But because of a new job, I'd quit the club (the new job had a gym, so I thought I, once again, could save money by exercising at work. I saved money, but not once did I use that gym!).

After I signed all the paperwork, I started exercising. It was like my body breathed a sigh of relief. It felt so incredibly good to work out my muscles again and to get off that treadmill. Thirty minutes flew by and I'd done a complete work-out. I'm pretty sure my body released a ton of endorphins because when I climbed into the car to go home, I was grinning from ear to ear. This is what I'd been missing.

Lesson learned. When it comes to my health, saving money by cutting out my fitness routine just doesn't work.

It feels good to be back.


  1. Melissa, good for you!! You deserve to do this for yourself!

    I think that once you do one positive thing for yourself, it snowballs and you find yourself wanting to do other good things too-like eat better-because somehow you are telling yourself that you are a valuable person.

    I have been trying to eat a lot less sugar-instead telling myself that I deserve to eat food that is good for me. With that attitude I'm much more likely to want to get some exercise like walk (if only the darn snow would go away!)

    I'm thinking I should join Curves too:)

  2. I say do what works. I gained all my weight back when I started working part time, but this year I'm determined.

  3. I can relate. I fluctuate between being gung-ho about my exercising to being absolutely vegetative on the subject. But every time I get back to it, I love it. Even though part of me bemoans losing that hour, a greater part of me is thrilled with the decision. It's keeping that joy in the back of my mind that becomes the challenge.

    Good luck with your new routine!

  4. Congrats to you for starting a healthy year. I find that when I exercise, so much else in life feels right. I sleep better, write better, feel better. Happy New Year, Melissa, wishing you much happy writing too :)

  5. I'm ducking my head in horror that I avoid every exercise regime known to man! There is no excuse for neglecting my body. Point taken:)

  6. Valerie - Oh, I highly recommend Curves! It's so low-stress in a lot of ways - no men for one! And it's just regular women that go there. Lots of fun.

    Patti - Best of luck! It's so frustrating when life derails our weight loss goals. I've suffered too much of that in the past year with my health.

    E. Elle - I can SO relate to that "losing an hour" thing. I'd much rather do something else than exercise, but then I realize that it's worth it. If I don't, I get tired, then I feel lethargic and don't have the energy to do anything anyway. :-)

    Joanne - Agreed! Exercise is so beneficial for us mentally and physically.

  7. Tamika - Just start slow. Take a walk and gradually work your way up. :-)

  8. Going to the gym is one of my perennial New Year's goals, too. So far I've failed every time. But I keep trying. Like so many other people, it's finding a time and sticking to it that's the hardest. That, and inertia. :) Good for you for joining Curves! Our bodies do know what's best, even if our conscious minds resist.

  9. Good for you Melissa! I too eat relatively healthy sans December. I need to be in fit shape by June so I'm actually going to try and up my workout routine to five or six days a week and really cut down on carbs and sugar.

  10. Christine - What counts is that you keep trying. :-)

    T. Anne - You can do it!!!

  11. The important thing is finding what works for you and sticking with it. Good Job!

  12. Good for you. I really should be following your example, but maybe I'll persuade my daughter to set up the Wii in my room. Not perfect, but better than nothing I suppose.

  13. Debs - I think you can get a pretty good work-out with the Wii, especially the Wii Fit!


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