Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kicking and Screaming

While researching today, I came across a book that I simply must have. It's an older title and now out of print. When I saw the price, I blanched. There was no way I could afford it.

Then I looked at the Kindle price - $12.

And now I'm seriously considering buying an e-reader. As a historical fiction writer, the ability to download books that are cheaper and that I need now is a huge bonus. Plus, I can store my documents on the Kindle, too.

But I'm still a little hesitant. I am a true book lover and holding the actual book in my hand, thumbing through the pages, and not having to press the "on" button to read it is, quite simply, heavenly.

I always take awhile to warm up to technology. It took me forever to buy a cell phone. It took me forever to join Facebook. I was dragged, kicking and screaming, to both of those "modern" phenomenon.

It's the same with the Kindle, only more so because I love books.

Those of you with Kindles, tell me about your experiences. Love it? Hate it? Can't live without it?


  1. The snowman theme makes me smile--cute!

    I don't own a reader--yet--but I see myself getting one eventually. I can't imagine ever NOT buying actual books, but I think I'd be the type to purchase both e-books and paper books.

  2. Don't give in!!
    My daughter and her husband each have one--kindle and nook. The bad part is they are always buying books and they are much cheaper in the library or used online. They do love theirs though--but batteries cost etc.

  3. Love it! Love it! I'm whooping for the Kindle!

    Terri, is right, I'm always buying books:) But as a writer its par for the course.

  4. Don't forget that libraries have ebooks now too, and if you have an eReader, you can borrow the book ... on your Kindle. I vote yes. That doesn't mean you have to read ebooks exclusively. It just means you have options to read whichever way you prefer, depending.

  5. I got a kindle for Christmas and have been loving it. It's great to be able to get books for a cheaper price and I don't have to worry about an overspilling bookcase. :)

  6. I know exactly how you feel-I love actual books too-but this another case where I have to concede that technology is our friend:)
    I don't have a Kindle-but my sister loves hers.

  7. And Melissa, I love your post title too-I wish I'd thought of it myself;)

  8. A friend bought me a Kindle last year. I used it for a month or so, and I liked it, but then I just sort of forgot about it. I haven't used it in months.

    I'm sure I'll get on board w/ e-readers eventually, but the Kindle just didn't do it for me.

  9. I love my Kindle. Beforehand I'd been less than enthusiastic about e-readers - mainly because I hate reading books off a computer screen and couldn't see how an e-reader could possibly be different. But it is! I don't use my Kindle for everything. I always check the library first too see if I can find a physical copy. And I don't buy something unless I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it and re-read it - I don't want to waste the money or fill the Kindle up with things I'll never look at again.

    But here's what it's most useful for: Public domain books. Older things that are out of print. Not only does Amazon have free or extremely inexpensive copies (e.g. $1.00), you can also download free ebooks from places like Project Gutenberg and and put them on your Kindle. There was a lot at Gutenberg that I wanted to read, but couldn't stand the thought of Courier font on a computer screen.

  10. I think there's merits for both -you don't have to give up one entirely for the other. I still love books -will always browse through the bookstores and I also downloaded the kindle pc version to read e-books that my blogging buddies had released. I read books on my phone if I have to but I can only read so much on screen before my eyes tell me to give it up.

    Choice is entirely up to you of course! ;)

    Have a fab week!

  11. I second Talei! I love books as well, but sometimes the convenience of downloading an ebook to my Sony Reader outweighs the costs and hassle of traveling to my nearest bookstore and hoping they carry what I want to buy. Also, there are so many e-published authors out there to try, and as Elisabeth mentioned, public domain books! If I want to read Edith Wharton or Jane Austen, I don't have to plunk down any cash because their books are in the public domain.

  12. I love my Kindle! One of the good things is that you can try a sample of a book before you buy it. That helps weed out some that you might not enjoy as much.

  13. I bought a kindle a few years ago and LOVED it! Then last September my husband bought me an ipad. I downloaded the kindle ap and wala! all my kindle content was now available on both devices. IN addition, I downloaded the nook and the ibookstore which is awesome! All three offer free books, the rates are about the same. I actually prefer the ipad because it shows all my kindle book covers and is far more beautiful to use than just the kindle. I was in shock when I wasn't even using my kindle anymore because I had a love affair with it for so long. I eventually gave it to my boys for Christmas. I don't miss paper books too much, but there's just something magical about a bookstore.

  14. You voiced every reservation I had before making the purchase. Within a month of getting my Sony e-reader, I regretted not buying a Kindle. You go, girl!! I love the convenience of taking my e-reader away from home, I love the weight in my hands. I have yet to take it for my read-in-bed. However, when I do, it'll be a harder, but not heavier, bob on the forehead when I fall asleep.

  15. I swore I would never get a Kindle even though I was very tempted. Then at Christmas I got one as a surprise gift and I like it. I haven't read a single book yet because I'm too busy downloading free classics, samples of newspapers and magazines (lots of 14-day free trial subscriptions available), samples of books I've always wondered about or new nonfiction that just sounds interesting, free blogs about books, word games, etc etc etc. It's overwhelming so far.

    I'm still reading exclusively real books, but I hope to eventually get into a rhythm of reading one novel in book form, one nonfiction in book form, and another novel on the Kindle.

  16. Thanks, all, for your very insightful comments. I'm still debating what to do...

  17. I was like you. I loved the feel of a book in my hands. I even loved the smell of a book. Which is why, instead of going for a dedicated eReader, I went for the iPad. My thinking was that, as well as reading books, I could do work on it.

    All I use it for is reading and I love it. Really love it. I haven't read a print book in months. The downside is that you tend to buy a lot more books. The upside is that those books are usually much less expensive.

    I'm a convert to the whole eReading experience. :)


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